Hello, My name is Hanna and I'm an addict...

Monday, November 17, 2003
Do you think there is a 12 step program for people addicted to calendars. I was thinking about how many I had the other day and it's pretty wild. I have a Franklin Covey planner in my office, I have my outlook calendar, I have a calendar in my PDA and on my Palm software, I have a wall calendar in my office and another one at home (actually that one's on my fridge)...I also have my Outlook calendar at home - and I use all of them and keep them updated. I am that way w/ journals/notepads, too. And notecards...you know what. I don't think it's really calendars, I think it's stationery in general!!! Things to write on or something. Crossword puzzle books are a big addiction. I have about three going right now. Some at my house and some at Michael's!! And currently in my office I have two boxes of notecards (one fairies and one cute little mice), one Badtz-Maru stationery set, and one toile set of paper and envelopes! (Fairy notecards from Elaine and Badtz-Maru from Kathy!) And to write on these I have a huge collection of pens!!!!

It is - it's the entire stationery aisle at the store!!! I remember when I was a kid I would also end up on that aisle! Not the toys or the candy...always the stationery!!!