The Evil of Carbs

Tuesday, November 04, 2003
No, I am not getting back on Atkins - I won't do that again, but I do think it is a good thing to limit carbs. I mean, if you're counting points you are limiting them, b/c they are higher that a lot of other foods on points.

The bad thing about carbs for me is that they make me more hungry it seems. Potatoes aren't too bad b/c a small amount can really fill me up, but bread and pasta seem to just get the ball rolling. Today I had a 1 points cookie in the morning and for lunch I had a pasta dish from downstairs worth 9 points (pointes calculated by the staff). Now, I only ate about half of the dish b/c it was pretty big and very hot, but it left me craving. It left me craving carbs/sugars to be honest!!! It came with a piece of French bread and when I decided I couldn't eat anymore of the pasta b/c it was too spicy (for me that means super spicy b/c I love hot food), I put the pasta away and finished the bread. I still was having a craving, though. I have sugar free cookies in my desk and grabbed one of those. They are about a point a piece, but I am going to count all 9 points of my pasta even though I didn't finish it, so I figured the cookies could fall into that extra 4.5 worth.

So, that leaves me 12-17 points for the rest of the day and tonight I won't be cooking dinner. Michael is playing softball so I am going to go watch him tonight which means we'll probably end up grabbing something. So, it's good I have more points left and I can grab a chicken sandwich somewhere - most fast food chicken sandwiches are still around 7-8 points. They aren't really that light. A chicken wrap is a little better as long as you don't get some sort of ceasar or ranch sauce on them.