Monday, November 24, 2003

Brother Update

I said I was off to cook, but I talked to my brother earlier and thought I would pass along the update.

They have him up walking around...a little and with a walker. He is off the morphine and is taking something not so strong. He is coming home tomorrow and is going to have in-home rehab help. His wife is getting a hospital bed today to keep him more comfortable while he is getting better.

I'm glad he can stay home for rehab, but at least at the center he would have to cut back on his that he is going to be home he can smoke whenever he wants...argh!

When I talked to him earlier he said he doesn't remember much after the accident...not even talking to me the last time...b/c of the morphine I guess. It kept him pretty goofy!!!

But things are going very well for him. Getting better everyday as he told me!

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