Brother Update

Thursday, November 20, 2003
I talked to my brother on the phone yesterday and though I know he is still in a lot of pain he sounded good...and he was even a smart ass to me on the phone! So, I know he is thinking positive about this. Through the weekend his wife will be staying with him, but after that he is going to be in a rehab center and won't be able to have overnight visitors. That is going to last about two weeks. I don't think they have told him that yet. He is ready to go home right now and they didn't want to spring everything on him at once I don't believe. He doesn't have a cast or anything...just a lot of bandages and a drain from his hip. I don't know how long that will have to be there.

I am going to be heading up there next week. He'll be in the rehab center by then. Mother was with him all day while his wife ran around taking care of the kids...then they switched for the night.

Again, thanks for all those who are keeping him in your prayers.