Bad News

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
I just got a call from my mother. My oldest brother fell off a roof and broke his hip in three places. They have him in the hospital in East Texas and are trying to find a VA hospital that has room for him to go into to have surgery. Houston and Shreveport are full so now they are looking at Dallas. They have him on medication so he is not in so much pain, but it kills me to know he has to wait to get help until the transport him across the state. At least my mother was up there to be with him when this happened.

Please be thinking of him in your prayers and I'll update as I find out information.

My mother just called me back. They are moving him to Nacogdoches and are going to do the surgery there. Sometimes I guess you just can't wait on openings. He is going to have to have a rod put in his leg and a pin to connect the hip and leg. That's all I know now.