Sunday, November 30, 2003

Back to the Real World... was hard to get up and come into work today. It was just too nice being off for a week (I'm doing it again at Christmas)!

I had over 300 emails in my inbox when I came in this morning...sheesh!!!

My brother is doing alright. His fall didn't break any bones and didn't hurt his leg, but he is bruised and has a sprained ankle. We saw him on Saturday. He has a nasty incision on his leg, though. He is still on a lot of medication, too so he isn't quite 100% himself. They are lowering the dosage this week, though and the physcial therapists starts visits today.

Mother is still sick, too. She is doing a lot better, just not 100% either. She is still coughing a lot. I spoke w/ her earlier and she was up cooking, so that's a good sign (I'm sure for daddy, too)!

Well, I have a lot of work to catch up on and need to finish my lunch so I can get to it!!

Friday, November 28, 2003


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Michael and his brothers and father ended up not leaving on Wednesday. They are leaving in the morning so I was able to spend Thanksgiving w/ him after all (even though we had our own on Monday)...

My mother is still sick, but doing a little better. I don't think she is going to make it up to East Texas for our family get together, so I am just going to go up for the day w/ my sister!!!

I hope God blessed all your families this holiday!!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Shopping Madness

Never before have I gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I really don't know what possessed me this year, but at 6:15 I found myself walking into JCPenney. read that right. I had to be up early anyway, so I didn't wake up that early just to shop. I wandered around for a while and all I found was a beautiful Santa for mother. She has been wanting a big Santa for a while, so this year I decided she should have one. And that's it...that's all I bought.

I walked the rest of the mall for about an hour and then decided I had had enough. There weren't as many people as I thought, but there were still plenty more than I wanted to deal with. The sales definitely weren't worth the fight!

Last night Michael and I put up the tree at his house. When he comes back from the deer lease we're going to put mine up, too. I'm excited about our first Christmas together. To be honest I haven't really looked forward to the holiday season in a while...not until this year!

I am spending the weekend w/ my parents. Today I am helping my sister hang wallpaper in her bedroom and tomorrow she and I are driving up to East Texas to our family Thanksgiving - and to see about my brother. Mother talked to him this morning and he is bending his knee, though I don't think solely on his own...and he decided to take a trip to the store this morning - IN HIS WHEELCHAIR!!! The store is just up the road (small town) and one of his daughters went w/ him, but now you know what I meant when I said he wouldn't be down as long as they said he would. I just hope he at least waits the 8 weeks he is supposed to before putting any weight on that leg. I think he will, but after that it's going to be hard to keep him put!!

Mother is still sick, but showing a bit of improvement. I brought all the leftovers I had at my house over and she has nibbled, but not enough. She is out of bed, but just to come lay on the couch and she came in here to see my pictures earlier, too. she is sitting up eating. Daddy just heated up some rice for her.

Well, I am off to help my sister wallpaper!! I hope those of you who braved the shopping this morning had a good time and found some helluva deals!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Home Again, Home Again

I have been with my mother all day. She is doing better, but I can see that it's hard for her to relax - the phone rings over there none stop!! And every caller saying, "Have you made her anything to eat Hanna..." Ummm...yeah, I did, but I can't force her to eat. I got so sick of everyone saying that to me. It's like, "Hanna, you aren't taking care of your mother...why don't you think about making her some food..." I did people!!! This frustrated me and I think that guilted her into eating something. Hey, at least she got food in her stomach. Like I said before, she is a she isn't a good patient. I finally told her, "You know when I am sick you make sure that I have food in my why don't you eat???" That worked!

When I left she was sitting up in the bed and looked really good. She wasn't coughing anymore and her voice sounded a lot better.

My sister-in-law called while we were there. They were on their way home w/ my brother. She said that when they got home a hospital bed, walker, wheel chair, and the bars on the bed to help my brother pull himself up were all supposed to be set up. I asked her if she had to rent all that and she said they had contacted the VA about it (my brother was in the Navy), but of course, they hadn't heard back anything. The nursing home up there has been one of my brother's clients for years (he owns an AC/Refrigeration company) and when they heard about this they donated all the equipment that my brother would need - no charge!!!! My SIL said there are all kinds of cool toys (equipment) for them to help him be more comfortable and help him recover. I thought this was so wonderful of them to do for him!! My brother really is a great guy and acts like this by other people towards him is just proof of that!

She was taught some of the therapy so that she can work with him at home when the nurse isnt' there. For about 8 weeks he won't be able to put any pressure on his leg...after that they said it will be about a year before he can work like before, but knowing my brother I am sure he won't wait that long.

I hope I get up there to see him this week while I am off. I don't know what now since mother has been so sick. Maybe if she is feeling better I'll drive her up there in a few days. We'll see. I think my father is coming home tonight from she'll have him there with her tonight.

Michael is taking off work tomorrow so I am going to try to get him to help me get some of the Christmas shopping done. I really don't like shopping this time of year...well, to be honest, I am not much of a shopper no matter what time of year it is!!!

Monday, November 24, 2003

A Little Surprise

(First I want to say that dinner was wonderful! I had candles lit all over the place and when Michael walked in he looked so nice...and he brought dessert - which I didn't ask him to do! We had a wonderful dinner and then sat on the couch and cuddled w/ our pie and watched Average Joe - and then, of course, the Rockets!!! It was a great dinner, a great night...I was so cozy all night!! I think it was better than the big family one we're missing together!!!)

And then this morning...well a little bit of background first - I lost my three-fingered billiard glove a while back. I think during Elaine's b'day. This morning when I was getting dressed I put on a zippy-hooded sweatshirt - that I wore to Elaine's b'day after pool one night - and when I stuck my hand in the pocket guess what I found! Of course, my billiard glove. I don't think I have worn this sweater since her b'day! LOL!!! I think that's hilarious!! I always find gloves in my jacket pockets from year to year, but this is the first time it's been this kind of glove!!

Well, I am off. My mother is sick and I am going to spend the day with her...make her eat. I don't think she ate anything yesterday - and she is a nurse. She should know better. She won't let me not eat when I am sick, no matter what! So, today that's exactly what I am going to do!

Brother Update

I said I was off to cook, but I talked to my brother earlier and thought I would pass along the update.

They have him up walking around...a little and with a walker. He is off the morphine and is taking something not so strong. He is coming home tomorrow and is going to have in-home rehab help. His wife is getting a hospital bed today to keep him more comfortable while he is getting better.

I'm glad he can stay home for rehab, but at least at the center he would have to cut back on his that he is going to be home he can smoke whenever he wants...argh!

When I talked to him earlier he said he doesn't remember much after the accident...not even talking to me the last time...b/c of the morphine I guess. It kept him pretty goofy!!!

But things are going very well for him. Getting better everyday as he told me!

Happy Turkey Day

I know today isn't Thanksgiving, but Michael and I aren't going to be able to be together on Thanksgiving Day, so tonight is our holiday. I'm cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner. I mean, I help every year w/ the big family dinner, but this year it's all mine! I'm not doing the whole four course dinner...there's just the two of us afterall. I bought a turkey breast and a couple of drumsticks, making dressing (of course), broccoli rice casserole, and old fashioned corn bread salad. I don't know about dessert yet. I think I might make a pumpkin pie. I like pumpkin pies!

Anyway, it's nice having the day off to get everything prepared. I went down and met Michael for lunch earlier then came back to do my grocery shopping. I have cleaned house since it's time to put my turkey in the oven.

(I'll let you know how it turns out...)

Friday, November 21, 2003

I'm on Vacation!! vacation started at five o'clock this afternoon and is running until December 1st!! Monday and Tuesday I'll be around town still and then Wednesday I'll be driving up to see my brother.

They stood him up today...or at least they tried to. He was running a fever and I think mother told me he was coughing up something. I hope he isn't getting an infection. They haven't tried to move him anymore since then. Monday starts his rehab, too.

Oh My Goodness...

If five o'clock ever going to get here!?!?!? I have been so busy running around today trying to get everything done b/c I am not going to be here next week!! Yay!!! Vacation time!!!

I hope you are all having a good Friday...I just wanted to stop in for a quickie hello!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

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I am testing to see if I can successfully block the auto-sig from work -
no not mine, but the confidentiality notice that is automatically
attached to all outgoing emails. I cannot turn it off!

Brother Update

I talked to my brother on the phone yesterday and though I know he is still in a lot of pain he sounded good...and he was even a smart ass to me on the phone! So, I know he is thinking positive about this. Through the weekend his wife will be staying with him, but after that he is going to be in a rehab center and won't be able to have overnight visitors. That is going to last about two weeks. I don't think they have told him that yet. He is ready to go home right now and they didn't want to spring everything on him at once I don't believe. He doesn't have a cast or anything...just a lot of bandages and a drain from his hip. I don't know how long that will have to be there.

I am going to be heading up there next week. He'll be in the rehab center by then. Mother was with him all day while his wife ran around taking care of the kids...then they switched for the night.

Again, thanks for all those who are keeping him in your prayers.

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I'm testing my emailed entries to see if I can hit both blogs!

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**fingers crossed**

Please work!

Subject: post: still testing

I'm testing out emailing my entries!!!

Another Test


Get Over It!

Okay...I had a bad couple of days. They are over. It's time to get my ass back in gear and quit whining about it!

YES - it's frustrating! YES - it's hard! But whining about it isn't going to change anything - so, wish me luck as I start again...or continue on, whichever way you want to look at it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

My Brother is out of Surgery

My mother just called. My brother just came out of surgery and the doctor said that everything went well, but that when they got in there were more breaks than they had initially thought. He is going to have to stay in the hospital through the weekend and then he will be in rehab for a couple of weeks. No one has seen him yet as he is still in recovery, but the doctor came out with the report and sounded pretty optimistic about it.

I won't get to see him until next week unfortunately, but I am sure the fewer people bothering him right now the better.

Heading into Surgery

This morning at 8:00 my brother was taken away to prep for surgery. My mother is there, along w/ my aunt and uncle, and my brother's wife was allowed to stay with him until surgery. Mother said he wasn't afraid, but that he was in a lot of pain.

My brother owns an AC/Refrigeration company and was working at the school yesterday - I don't know exactly what happened, but that he was on the roof and either slipped trying to jump to a ledge or something like that and ended up falling off and hitting the ground.

During more x-rays yesterday the doctors were afraid he might have broken his pelvis bone, too but when I talked to my mother this morning she said no, that it was just his hip - in three places.

He spent last night in traction and on morphine I am sure. Mother said they were still giving it to him this morning. She is supposed to call me when it's over with so I'll give another update then.

Thank you to everyone who has commented that you're thinking about him. Broken bones may not be that bad, but it so easily could have been his neck that hit and not his hip and that is what we've all been thinking It really does hurt to see someone you love in so much pain. Thanks again.

Bad News

I just got a call from my mother. My oldest brother fell off a roof and broke his hip in three places. They have him in the hospital in East Texas and are trying to find a VA hospital that has room for him to go into to have surgery. Houston and Shreveport are full so now they are looking at Dallas. They have him on medication so he is not in so much pain, but it kills me to know he has to wait to get help until the transport him across the state. At least my mother was up there to be with him when this happened.

Please be thinking of him in your prayers and I'll update as I find out information.

My mother just called me back. They are moving him to Nacogdoches and are going to do the surgery there. Sometimes I guess you just can't wait on openings. He is going to have to have a rod put in his leg and a pin to connect the hip and leg. That's all I know now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I don't know what I am trying to say...

I logged in to write a long vent about my weight and I don't have a clue how to say what I am feeling. I have too long battled w/out positive results and I don't have anyone to blame but myself. Although, I have done all the diets, paid all the dues, bought all the tapes, joined the gyms, worked out till I puked...I've done it all. I should have a t-shirt that says, "Been there, Did the diet!"

I just get so frustrated!!! It's like, can't I just wear a moomoo (however you spell that) and tell everyone that underneath I look just like them??? No, b/c it isn't about hiding it...I want to flaunt it, I want to show everyone "Look what I have accomplished...weight loss", but I can't b/c it never comes off. It just steadily creeps higher and higher up on the scales. I have only weighed myself once since I started this weblog and I am right back where I started. I had lost 11 pounds on Atkins and it's all right back in place...on my ass!!!

I lost 30 pounds one summer and thought I was the shit! Yeah, that came back. I lost another thirty in college and again, though I was the shit...and yeah that came back. See a pattern here??? I wanna just say to hell with it b/c it's all just gonna come right back, isn't it???

There are two girls here at work that want/need to lose weight like me...but also like me, they tend to drift from their diets. I know that if we stuck together on this and supported one another seriously that we could all three help one another and benefit ourselves!

I am so tired all the time...I'm not lazy, I'm tired. Genuinely tired. I am a 26 year old Old Woman!! That's what I feel like anyway. I need to figure out how to motivate myself and not wait on someone else to do it.

I accidentally made lemonade...

imageMy intention was to flavor my big glass of water up w/ a lemon...well, too much lemon just makes a sour drink, so I walked back down to the kitchen, got some equal, and now I have lemonade!!

Pretty tasty **slurp** actually!

Tackling Thanksgiving

The holidays are coming up...and so is all that good food. I don't think we're having the huge gathering this year for Thanksgiving that we normally have. Everyone's schedule seems to be conflicting this year and we're having a very early Christmas (the 13th) so I don't think I have so much to worry about for Thanksgiving as I do for Christmas to be honest!

BUT - there is going to be food! I have been doing a pretty good job of getting really full prior to meals on things like water (lots of water w/ lime) and fruit - so by the time the food gets around I am not really that hungry anymore and don't eat nearly as much as I used to.

Today we had Chinese food for lunch. To be fair I had Japanese and Chinese for lunch today...I had lettuce wraps and one piece of sushi (Unagi) from Taipei. Very good and filling and very lite! I think I went through about four glasses of water, too...oh, and I did eat my fortune cookie.

I haven't been keeping up with my points, but I have really noticed that my portions have been steadily decreasing. (See what I mean about flip-flopping and not sticking to one thing??) I think the biggest thing that I can attribute that to is the hunger scale.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Hello, My name is Hanna and I'm an addict...

Do you think there is a 12 step program for people addicted to calendars. I was thinking about how many I had the other day and it's pretty wild. I have a Franklin Covey planner in my office, I have my outlook calendar, I have a calendar in my PDA and on my Palm software, I have a wall calendar in my office and another one at home (actually that one's on my fridge)...I also have my Outlook calendar at home - and I use all of them and keep them updated. I am that way w/ journals/notepads, too. And know what. I don't think it's really calendars, I think it's stationery in general!!! Things to write on or something. Crossword puzzle books are a big addiction. I have about three going right now. Some at my house and some at Michael's!! And currently in my office I have two boxes of notecards (one fairies and one cute little mice), one Badtz-Maru stationery set, and one toile set of paper and envelopes! (Fairy notecards from Elaine and Badtz-Maru from Kathy!) And to write on these I have a huge collection of pens!!!!

It is - it's the entire stationery aisle at the store!!! I remember when I was a kid I would also end up on that aisle! Not the toys or the candy...always the stationery!!!

New Books

This weekend I stayed w/ my parents and my dad had bought me a couple of new books - this one and this one. I have started on the HTML one, but so much of the beginning is stuff that I already know. I am anxious to get into the "meat"!! Right now I do everything by code. I haven't used any editors, but to help me out I have loaded Front Page (although I have v.2000 - I need to update it). I use it when I can't figure out a code...create what I want, check out the code, and figure out what I did wrong. Kathy built the "template" behind my site for me - she started w/ what pMachine had and made it fit what I wanted and then I was able to change/add what I want from what I already knew. I just recently learned about tables and have playing w/ them. My Spirit Flower page was the first table that I created from scratch...and the table at the top of this page w/ my title in it. I was excited when I figured that out!!! So, while I am not a complete novice (I do know a bit) I am anxious to get into these two books and find out what else I can do!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Come again another day...

My grannie used to sing a little song when the rain would come down like it has been today. I left work a bit early this afternoon. A lot of people were already gone when I decided to get out of there and Michael has been stranded at work since 3:30. His car was four inches from having water come inside. It stopped for a while and now it's coming down again - my dish just lost its signal, too. Ugh...


It's been looking more like 10:00 at night since around 5:00 over here. Outside my porch where there is usually a nice yard is a pond - the ducks are swimming and even diving under!!! I'm not kidding here!

I love bad weather, but hate to drive in it and to be honest don't really like to be alone in it either. I love to watch it and watching it from work today was rather cool - it always is, but then I had to drive through it to come home. Luckily there was a little break in it about that time.

I spoke to Michael a little while ago. He said the water had been going down and that he might be able to leave in the next half hour or so, he hopes.

That Packs a Punch

Listerine I know this is going to sound strange, but I have finally found something that really curbs cravings - mouthwash! I was actually not craving anything, but my diet buddy up here called to tell me that she was having a severe sugar craving and I reminded her that we bought mouthwas for that particular reason. Well, after I hung up the phone w/ her I wanted something, too - so I took my own advice took out my mouthwash and got a proper swishing (it's also good b/c it is good for my teeth and breath) and now the craving is gone.

We did make a date to go downstairs around 2:50 and get a coffee - no sugar and fat free milk.

Just Do It

I am proud of myself! I haven't worked out in so long and to be honest it was getting to the point that I didn't know when I would again. For so long I was so committed to five mornings and at times even two evenings. I never worked out at lunch, though, b/c I have too much hair to maintain and didn't think it was enough time...well, turns out it is - for a quick workout anyway.

I went down at noon today and got in twenty minutes on the stairmaster and then crunched and squatted for another ten! WooHoo...gonna be hurting the next couple of days though, I can see it!

Maybe we'll make a routine of this - every other lunch or something!

Sunday, November 16, 2003


I'm not pinging weblogs when I am update...don't know why! I tried to do it manually from blogrolling, but as you can see (or as you don't see) I am not pinging!

AND...I am loading...very...slooowwllyy....


I added a script a while back to show posts from years back - I think it is the coolest thing to look back like that! The problem was that before February 2002 I was using Blogger and didn't have any history to see!!! So, slowly but surely I am copying entries from 2002 from Blogger into pMachine. I have mainly been trying to do only what would be seen - the current month's worth of 2002, but I need to do 2001 and 2000 as well. They will all get moved in time, but for now I have done October, November, and December of 2002!


It seems blogrolling got hacked or something...all blogrolls are messed up! Luckily I think I'll be able to find my favorite blogs again even if it doesn't come back online. How irritating...

Friday, November 14, 2003


Can I be more uncoordinated this afternoon. I think I just splattered the majority of my hot tea OUT of the cup when trying to squeeze out my tea bag!! Is that a sign...should I go home and rest some more!!!! **wink**

Long Lost Friends...

I got a random call yesterday from a friend that I haven't seen in a long time. I think the last time I saw him was actually at my niece's wedding in April 2002. Before that it had been a while, too. We knew one another in HS b/c his daddy was my math teacher and then he went to college w/ a lot of my friends so I saw him a lot during those years. He dated one of my HS buddies for a long time actually.

We talked for a long time and then exchanged emails - it's a shame, but the honest truth - If I have your email address I'll do a better job keeping up with you. I only keep up with on person via phone! So, we made plans to meet up for lunch one day and catch up!!

Thursday, November 13, 2003


Yesterday was not good. I woke up so dizzy that I could barely stand...and while walking to the bathroom I nearly hit the wall. It was like I was drunk or something...and pretty scary! About 7:20 I decided to take a Dramamine and call in that I was going to be late. How could I drive when I couldn't walk???

About 8:00 I started feeling a bit more stable and decided to head out, though, I called my mother and talked to her the whole drive in. Just in case...later that day she and my father met me for lunch and she brought me some AntiVert (vertigo prescription). I took one of those during lunch as I still felt like my head was swimming.

That's the last I have taken. Today I woke up alright. I rested all evening in front of the television yesterday. Sitting here now I feel a bit like I am rocking, but it's nothing like what I experienced yesterday. That was pretty scary. I was sick through most of the day - motion sickness. Ugh...I don't even get that on ships and now I am getting it while walking around!!!!

Anyway, while I'm not 100% right now I am so much better than I have been and hopefully it's on the way out the door now!! IF it happens to come back anytime soon then I'll make a trip to the doctor's office, otherwise I think it's alright.

Good Intentions...

Isn't there some quote about good intentions??? Yeah, that's me. I always have good intentions and a great plan, but no follow through. I have always been that way. I start things that I don't finish. I don't have that determination needed I guess. I get discouraged too easily and lose sight of the goal that I had going into it...whatever "it" may be.

I have dieted since I was about 12 years old. I have gone up and down - gained 30, lost 30!! I can't be consistent!! I know it's up to me and that no one can do this, but myself - that's the problem. I'm not doing it. I think I have no will-power. All week I have done very well up until the evening and that's when I cave. One night I have a slice of pizza - another night I had ice cream for dessert - last night I had French fries - FOR MY DINNER!!! (oh...and some brussel sprouts) They were homemade fries, but I still ate them. And today my stomach is killing me. I went to bed w/ a tummy ache b/c of all the fried food. Why don't I learn. I know that afterwards I am going to want to kick myself for doing it, but it's like at that moment I don't care!!!! And I know that I do care. It's not even that I'm that hungry. I had an apple and a pear around 5:30 yesterday - when it came time for dinner I wasn't even hungry, but there were fries and I started eating them and they became my dinner. Ugh! Am I hopeless??

Happy B'day

...any many mooore!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Yay - I'm back!!

Things have been a little uncertain around day I'm here, the next day I'm gone!!!

Anyway...I was directed to a site today to verify my email and yadda, yadda, yadda - I saw something on the page that struck me as funny so I thought I would share.

See anything peculiar about this site???

Monday, November 10, 2003

Life Rating

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

LOL! I was expecting a strong PG-13 to be honest!!!!

(found at Ashley's)




It's Monday, I feel blah, I'm still around though -

Honestly, I think I have vertigo. I have seen my grannie, my mother, and my sister deal with it in the past. I have been dealing w/ dizziness for over a week and a half now and finally called to talk to mother about it today. I thought maybe it was an inner ear issue, but haven't had any sinus issues or ear aches - so I asked mother today if it could still be vertigo and she said yes, that it could be. I don't really want to go to the doctor if I don't have to so I called the pharmacist and talked to him earlier. He said there were some good OTC drugs that would help and that it was alright not to go see a doctor now, but if it continued to definitely go see someone.

So, I might be looking for a GP pretty soon. I have my female doctor that I see regularly, but I don't have a GP anymore. I used to see one that offices where my OB/GYN is (how convenient), but to be honest, I really don't like her. I like doctors who take the time to talk to you and this one was always in such a hurry that sometimes I wasn't even sure that I had seen her!

So, I am going to stop into Walgreens this afternoon and get started on the meds and I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

New Love for the Spud

Potato I have rekindled an old love - baked potatoes!! On the Atkins diet potatoes were strictly forbidden - but on weight watchers a baked potato is only three points!!! Yeah, I know what you're thinking add on all the good stuff and it's up to 12 already! I don't do that. I am completely satisfied - and completely stuffed - w/ a plain baked potato, a little salt and pepper, and a 1 point pat of butter and I have a four point meal!! Unlike pasta, the carbs in baked potatoes satisfy me - they don't leave me w/ a sugar craving! I have been getting them a lot downstairs from the cafeteria. It's a cheap lunch, too. About $1.25!!

I also love twice baked potatoes (and as long as all ingredients are low cal/fat - you're fine), and simply cutting up a potato, sprinkling some Tony Chachere's all over them, putting 'em on a baking sheet, and into the oven they go!! Mmmm...that's good, too!!!

And for dessert today I have a bowl of fruit - melons, strawberries, and grapes!!!

National Men Make Dinner

Well, I know that tonight I am going to go over my points, but today is National Men Make the Meals Day and when I came in today Michael had four grocery bags full for dinner. He brought shrimp w/ coconut batter (he knows that my favorite), catfish, hush-puppies, string fries, salad fixins, and a bottle of Zinfandel!!! Hmmm…I think tonight it is worth going over my points though!!!!

New Header Campaign

Okay, these are the four images that I am considering to use for my header! I haven't had the chance to really play around w/ them in Photoshop, but hopefully I will be able to over the weekend.

They are all Froudian faeries (the inspiration behind my faeries). I have a few ideas of what I would like to do with them, but I thought I would put out a project for those interested! If you want to take the images and work on something yourself I would love to see what everyone comes up with. Of course, if you have other images you're welcome to incorporate - just please remember to stick w/ the theme (fairies or other woodland creatures/objects - and the title: DAILY VENTING & EXCLAMATIONS...).

So, are ya interested??? Send me your creations if you're interested and I'll post them when I have a few - we'll see whose idea is the favorite!!!

Minestrone...Mmm Mmm Good

Breakfast cost me about six points this morning...I had oatmeal cookies! Lunch is a bit more nutritional, though and worth about ten points. I had a small bowl of pasta w/ marinara and a meatball and a cup of homemade minestrone soup!! (Homemade downstairs that is...) The soup is really good w/ a thick tomato base. I like to cook soups. I have a great recipe for a chicken tortilla soup that I'll have to find post for you. I put in my blog before - might be easier for me to find the post!!

I thought about doing taco salads for dinner tonight. I cook the taco bowls, but for myself I simply take about four chips and crush them on top of my shell-less salad w/ lots of crunchy lettuce. I think my biggest attraction for Mexican food is the chips b/c of their crunch. I'll just have to find a more suitable substitution! Celery is crunchy - lettuce is crunchy! Carrots!!

I didn't get a bowl of raw veggies this time, though. Instead I got a big cup of fountain diet coke w/ some limes. I know, I know...nutra sweet isn't good for you, but I don't drink a lot of sodas so I think the few times that I indulge in a diet coke isn't going to give me cancer. Some people say that diet drinks actually make you hungry, but when I finish this drink I'll be stuffed. I don't know what it is about diet coke, but if I drink one I won't be hungry for a long time. I think it must expand in my tummy!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Digging up History

I used to IM a lot, but really don't that much anymore. About three years ago I had a long IM conversation w/ someone in Canada and ended up saving the conversation to a word document. I hadn't thought about it in a long time and while cleaning out some files opened it up and started reading. I love to talk about religion. I love to learn about other religions. I like discussing theories and viewpoints and I can agree to disagree with the best of them. I'll never tell you that you're wrong, but I'll tell you why I don't believe what you believe and why I believe something else (if that applies)!!

Well, about 95% of this conversation was about religion - that's why I kept it!! I thought about posting it, but it's rather long. I need to read through all of it, too - make sure it's all "postable"!!

There is one ironic quote that I'll leave you with though:
Canada: I usually read on the subway, that's how I get to work. I can drive, but traffic is bad and parking is exspensive.
ME: I wish we had a good form of public transportation here, be we don't. They have been talking about a metro-rail system, but I will believe it when I see it!!

Thursday Thoughts

It's foggy and dreary outside this morning. Yuck! I am dressed like it's summer time today. Black capris w/ white vines all over them, a white sleeveless ruffled shirt, and my black/bamboo sandals!! Hang ten dude!!!

I bought another fairy yesterday. My co-worker started me on this collection on my b'day this year. There are only 12 in the collection so it is a very attainable goal to get all of them.

Oh...and did I tell you I have a mean spider living in my bedroom??? Yes he is mean. He scared me to death Sunday night!! (I was going to post an image of one, but I couldn't stand to look at all of them!!!) I don't particularly like snakes, but I can stand them. Spiders, however, are a different story! Spiders will make me hurt myself. Strange to think there was a time when I actually picked up grand-daddy long leg spiders!!! Ewww...what was I thinking??? I can't even stand for someone (my mother used to do this) to pretend their fingers are spider legs walking on my arm or something. It just creeps me out!!!

One of my earliest memories is of a spider. I couldn't be more than four years old b/c we were living in the house that we lived in the first four years of my life. I was in the living room by myself (I don't know where everyone else was) playing on the floor and this black ball fell from the ceiling to land next to me on the floor. It startled me and I jumped up off the floor and into the recliner nearby. It seems I got a broom or something b/c I remember prodding this black ball trying to figure out what it was when suddenly it jumped and eight big scary legs sprawled out around a big black body!!!! (Remember, this is a four year old's viewpoint) It was the scariest thing I had ever encountered up until that point. Scariest thing that I remember anyway. I think about that spider every time I get scared by another one!! I don't remember what happened after that b/c that's where the memory ends. Maybe someone came in and killed it or put it outside. I don't know.

Arachnophobia is the real horror movie to me!!!

Low Fat Muffins...

Sounds like a great breakfast choice, huh!?!? Nope! Worth about ten points even low fat!!! See, that's what I get for grabbing and THEN checking out the points. It was my turn to bring in breakfast this week. So, I stopped in and grabbed munchkins (donut holes - 1 point each and I only had one), kolaches (6-7 points each, which I didn't eat b/c thought the low fat muffins would be better), and the Muffins (9-12 points depending on flavor). I had one donut hole and one muffin - total of about 10 points. Sheesh!!

So, lunch is a three point baked potato w/ a one point pat of butter.

But this post isn't going to be all negative. While downstairs getting my potato w/ a coworker she was fixing herself a small salad, but not a regular salad. It was like a finger food dish...broccoli, carrots, cauliflowers, celery, cucumbers! What a great idea!!! I filled a small salad to-go box w/ all kinds of veggie munchies - most of which are zero points - to keep at my desk for this afternoon to grab!!! And if I don't finish it, I'll just stick it in the fridge and have the rest of it tomorrow to munch on. No dressing, though. That wouldn't be too point friendly!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Kathy got my columns looking right again!!! Yay!! Thanks for the help...

The Evil of Carbs

No, I am not getting back on Atkins - I won't do that again, but I do think it is a good thing to limit carbs. I mean, if you're counting points you are limiting them, b/c they are higher that a lot of other foods on points.

The bad thing about carbs for me is that they make me more hungry it seems. Potatoes aren't too bad b/c a small amount can really fill me up, but bread and pasta seem to just get the ball rolling. Today I had a 1 points cookie in the morning and for lunch I had a pasta dish from downstairs worth 9 points (pointes calculated by the staff). Now, I only ate about half of the dish b/c it was pretty big and very hot, but it left me craving. It left me craving carbs/sugars to be honest!!! It came with a piece of French bread and when I decided I couldn't eat anymore of the pasta b/c it was too spicy (for me that means super spicy b/c I love hot food), I put the pasta away and finished the bread. I still was having a craving, though. I have sugar free cookies in my desk and grabbed one of those. They are about a point a piece, but I am going to count all 9 points of my pasta even though I didn't finish it, so I figured the cookies could fall into that extra 4.5 worth.

So, that leaves me 12-17 points for the rest of the day and tonight I won't be cooking dinner. Michael is playing softball so I am going to go watch him tonight which means we'll probably end up grabbing something. So, it's good I have more points left and I can grab a chicken sandwich somewhere - most fast food chicken sandwiches are still around 7-8 points. They aren't really that light. A chicken wrap is a little better as long as you don't get some sort of ceasar or ranch sauce on them.

Monday, November 03, 2003

First Deer of the Season

Michael got his first deer of the season on Sunday morning. I was surprised he shot and 8 point b/c his biggest so far is a 9. I figured he would wait for something bigger. It's a nice one, though and I am looking forward to the venison! He can only shoot a couple does out there now, but he'll be able to try for another big buck when we go hunting up in East Texas during Thanksgiving. I am actually going to go with him then. I have been out and sat in a stand a couple times, but I have never shot anything. I plan on taking my 300 mm, though and hopefully I'll get some good shots - w/ film!!! If I get the chance I wouldn't mind getting my first deer w/ him this season, too!!!

Good Snacks

I have been relatively good on the weekends. I mean, I don't track my points, but I try to eat pretty healthy - I don't eat as much quantity-wise on the weekend for some reason. My hardest time has been in the evenings when I get home from work. I'll cook a good dinner, but then I'll want to snack in front of the TV or something. I need to stock my fridge w/ some healthier snacks is what I really need to do. I haven't gone grocery shopping for this week yet, so when I do go I'll be sure and get some cook snacking foods.

Some really great things to keep are cut veggies that you can eat raw. I love raw cauliflower, brocoli, carrots, celery - but so often it's easy to grab a dip to go w/ them, too - and to be honest, I don't like the low cal Ranch that I have tried in the past! The powdered one isn't bad and you can use fat free sour cream w/ it. Tuna fish salad is a good dip to use for celery, too.

Another thing I used do is mark everything as soon as I take it out of the grocery bag. If it's in a box or a bag I figure the points per serving and write it w/ a sharpie so that laziness won't keep me from tracking points!!! I haven't marked my groceries lately and that leads to going over points pretty easily! So that's something else I have to do when I go grocery shopping this time - figure the points and mark everything!!!

So far today I have had 12 points. 2 for breakfast and ten at lunch.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Weekend Update

Halloween is over - now it's time to start getting ready for Thanksgiving!!

The weekend was good. Michael left on Friday to go to the deer lease since Saturday was the first day of deer season. He got an 8 point buck on Sunday morning! I went out to play pool on Friday w/ everyone and then went to my mother's to see her and spend the night. Saturday we got up early and went around gathering costume pieces. I went as a gypsy Saturday to EJ and Sherry's party!! That night I went back to stay with my mother, too. Since daddy and Michael were both gone I thought we could keep one another company this weekend!!! Sunday we went to church together and took my nephew and then I went to Elaine's and she and I drove out to Kathy's house! We had sushi w/ her and Tom and then came back to Kathy's to have a girls' evening!! We had such a great time. I got some html help from Kathy and then we just spent the rest of the evening hanging out! It was really a great evening!!!!

Now it's back to reality today...and work!!!

On the blog side, though, I am wanting to create a new title - I don't mean I want to change the name. I am still calling my blog Daily Venting & Exclamations...I just want to create a new image for it. I played around last night w/ a couple, but didn't like what I had, hence the blank title bar w/ just DVE!!

I can't work on it today, though! End of the Month - got too much work to do!