WW v. Atkins

Monday, October 13, 2003
My mother cooked a wonderful dinner last night and I was able to really enjoy it b/c I kept my points to a minimum during the day. I have such mixed emotions about WW v. Atkins, though.

On Atkins I was able to lose 11 pounds so easily during the first two weeks of being on the diet. With WW I never really saw that much weight loss. My biggest problem is that I am not consistent. I am able to do something for a short period of time and maybe see results, but then I cannot do it again. I remember going to the diet doctor and getting put on a prescriptions drugs for weight loss. It worked really great and that summer I was working out nearly five hours a day...I lost about 30 pounds and looked better than ever. Then a couple years ago one of the girls up here wanted to go to the diet doctor and I decided to go with her. I was on the pills for a while, but didn't see the results that I saw the first time. Later I read somewhere that would sometimes happen to people on the second go around for diet pills. That they wouldn't work as well as the first time. I also read that about Atkins. That people will lose a significant amount of weight the first time they went through induction (as I did), but when they tried it again it would be ten times more difficult b/c they had their "Golden Chance" the first time already and to do that again wouldn't be as easy! I have definitely found that to be true!

I cannot go back and forth between WW and Atkins, though, b/c they are both based on two totally different theories. In Atkins you are able to eat foods higher in fat and calories; however, WW says that foods higher in calories and fats have more points and you can't eat as much. Fat free foods, though, have higher carbs than full fat foods so it is recommended not to eat them with Atkins. Then there is that whole sugar issue!!! I get sick when my blood sugar drops - it is low to begin with and on Atkins it pushes it right over the "bearable" point and I start feeling faint and to ease that have to eat something with sugar in it and thus throws off the whole plan of going into ketosis - which many people argue will harm your kidneys!!!

So, do you see the dilemma!?!?! Which way to go...

My sister I think has it about figured out. She has lost over twenty pounds by just cutting everything she eats in half! Of course, she was born with a higher metabolism so that was all it took for her! My caloric intake isn't high enough to maintain my current weight as it is, though!