What time is it???

Monday, October 06, 2003
So much for getting a good nights sleep before getting back to work this Monday morning. I spent all night coughing my lungs up. Yeah, I know...too graphic maybe. I don't think I got a consecutive 2 hours worth of sleep all night. I got up a couple of times. Once I did sleep on the couch for about an hour or maybe a little more and I thought it was over, so I got back in the bed. Not thirty minutes later and I started again. Do cough syrups get old?? I took two different ones last night and I am still coughing. So much for 24 hour relief - that's what one of them said. Needless to say I do not feel like getting up and going to work. Not that I could stay home and get rest b/c I can't stop coughing. Maybe during lunch today I'll go over to the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. See what he/she would recommend and through out the other stuff that doesn't work!!!

I don't think I am really sick anymore, though. I get this way every year when the seasons change. When we go into fall and into spring. So, I think it must just be a seasonal allergy that just acts like a cold. Do they do that?

Well, it's too late to try to get any more sleep now so I might as well get ready and get out the door. *cough cough*