Southern Cooking???

Friday, October 24, 2003
It's ironic, this morning I was writing about eating that good old home cooked food and then when I went downstairs they were serving chicken and dumplings today! Well, I had to at least see about them...took one looked and walked away. I don't think these people are true Southerners b/c what was in that pot didn't look like any kind of chicken and dumplings I have ever seen!!! (I did find out that a cup was only five points - good to know). It had carrots and mushrooms and something green in it...huh??? What's that?? You aren't supposed to see anything but white (I take the chicken out) in the pot!

So, I decided to get a baked potato w/ butter - 4 points - and a small broccoli & cheese soup - 4 points = 8 points for lunch. This morning I had oatmeal for breakfast, which was 3 points, so I am up to 11 for the day. Leaving me 11-16 for the rest of the day (actually less, b/c I need to get about 3-4 banked points to make up for last night's ice cream).

You know I really like the fact that our company supports Weight Watchers. The cafeteria menu has the number of points for each dish calculated for you already! It's great!! There is one section, The Exhibition, that always has some feature item. These always look great, but are sometimes hard to calculate, b/c I don't always know what it is. The chef is Vietnamese and sometimes come up with his own concoctions that are hard to calculate!!! This way I don't have to!! I can just peer in and see that wonderful looking plate and then read it 13 points and keep walking!!!! At least that's what happened today. He had some pesto raviolis and other great looking things, but I decided 8 would be better than 13 today!!! So, now I am stuffed and won't be much good the rest of the day!!