Monday, October 27, 2003

Running out the door...

Okay...getting online in the mornings to check my mail is getting to be a bad habit! It makes me late!!! I get online to check my email - five minutes, right!?!? Wrong - that takes me to my blog, which in turn takes me to other blogs and then I start commenting and so on, and so on!!! Next thing I knew I had fifteen minutes to shower, dress, and get out the door! I made it, though!! I just didn't wash my hair (but I did that yesterday!)...

I woke up with a soar throat this morning! I am sure it is b/c the weather doesn't know what it wants to do. One day it's hot, the next it is freezing - but that's Houston!! And yes, when it drops below 70 degrees I break out the long sleeves and sweaters. Hey, 60 degrees is cold to me. I have a sweater in my office year round b/c I am always cold - so this is c-c-cold to me!!!

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