Pei Wei for lunch again...

Friday, October 31, 2003
I got Pei Wei for lunch today. I wanted to try something other than the lettuce wraps so today I got chicken lo mein - an order is 2.25 servings and one serving is 4 points, so it's 9 points for the whole thing. I told the lady to give me an extra to-go box and when I brought it back to the office before I ate anything I put about half of it in the to-go box. So, I am going to count the portion I ate as 4.5 points and add an extra point b/c I plan on eating one of the fortune cookies later!! I don't know when I'll eat the rest - maybe dinner maybe this afternoon - regardless the point is when I get hungry instead of having ate all 9 and then adding even more points later, I will be eating a smaller quantity. I did this yesterday and it worked really well. I was still hungry, but boxed up half of my lunch yesterday anyway. After about ten minutes I felt full on just what I had eaten. If I hadn't boxed up what I had I probably would have eaten everything. Then about three o'clock when I got the munchies I finished off my lunch! It really helped with my portions yesterday. I guess the biggest problem is that we don't wait for our brains to tell us we're full...we just keep eating and putting more in our stomachs than we can really handle. Then when it finally reaches our brain we aren't full, we're overly stuffed!! That's when you get that ugh feeling and don't want to do anything but sleep!!!

I did have a big breakfast this morning, too. I had two pieces of toast w/ jam and about four pieces of pineapple w/ about two tbsp of cottage cheese - all that was 8 points, added to the 5.5 for lunch puts me at 14.5 points already. That leaves 8-13 for tonight!!