Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Parent Inflicted Complexes

I have decided that many of the people out there (especially girls) that are either on diets or have eating disorders are that way b/c of the their parents. One man I know in particular really bothers me b/c I am afraid his daughter is going to develop a serious health problem one day. I have known him for three years now, since his daughter was 13 years old and in all that time he has had her on diet after diet. He started her on Weight Watchers, then Atkins, now I just found out she is going to one of those Quick Weight Loss Centers - she is 5' 9" and 170 lbs. To me that isn't that bad if you're that tall. I am sure she is skinny in comparison to other girls her age (she's 16 now), but I'd be willing to bet she looks good. I have warned him time after time that he was going to either give her the biggest complex in the world or damage her health by either her developing an eating disorder or just the many diet changes. It just really grieves me.

If you knew him you would probably say, "No wonder..." Image is a big thing with him. He really appears to think he's all that and a box a chocolates! So I guess having a daughter that isn't Playboy material probably perplexes him!!!! I have seen pictures of her - she is a very pretty girl! I asked him if SHE thought she was fat. Before I got the impression she didn't think so, but today he said that she went to homecoming at her high school and thought she looked fat in the pictures. Honestly, I think he made her start thinking she is fat. I am afraid he is ruining her self esteem. I don't know the mother's take on the whole situation, but if it were me I think I would have to tell him to leave the girl alone. He wants her to lose 30 pounds!! She is 5' 9" now - imagine if she isn't through growing yet!!

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