Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Not very satisfied...

You know as many times as I have eaten Vietnamese food (Pho) and enjoyed it, I never feel very satisfied afterwards. I don't mean I am still hungry (though today I am b/c I didn't eat what I got), rather that I am not satisfied b/c I didn't have a wonderful meal. I guess there are just very specific items that I like. I enjoy the noodle soup, spring rolls (and the fried rolls), and I love the iced coffee, but that's about it. I'll eat other foods, but again they don't really satisfy my taste buds!

Today for lunch downstairs they had Banh Xeo. (Here's the recipe if you're interested.) It was worth 8 points - and to be honest, I really wish I had saved those points now!!! I didn't eat it all so I probably didn't get the full 8 points, but I'll still count 8. Tonight we're going to Lupe Tortilla's for dinner so I'll have to be careful that I don't go over. I had 2 points for breakfast - 10 total today - so that leaves me 12-17 points for the rest of the day. So, if I get a chicken taco salad and don't eat the shell I should be alright. That's about 8 points or so...

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