No Pei Wei Today

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
I have 9 - 14 points remaining for dinner tonight. That's right...we didn't go to Pei Wei. :( And I was so looking forward to it. I almost called in an order to go and went and picked it up. I should have called in an order b/c after thinking about that I didn't think the 1/2 cup of prepared mac & cheese sounded too good anymore. So I went downstairs to see what I could find and ended up getting a medium baked potato and eating it - plain. Not feeling to satisfied I ate the mac & cheese, too - for a grand total of 10 points for lunch. Now I feel blah! Too much starch at once I guess. 9 - 14 is still a lot of points, though and I think my co-worker and I made a date tomorrow for Pei Wei since we didn't go today!