My weekend...

Monday, October 27, 2003
I had a good weekend. I went up to East Texas (where I grew up) to help my parents. They have bought a trailer to put on some land they have up there to use as a camp house. It is a used trailer so needs cleaning and some minor repairs. Before any of that can really be done, though we have to get electricity, water, and sewage on the land. Funny thing is they won't give us electricity until we have a well and they can't put in a well until there is electricity!! Sheesh! It's being worked out. Proof of drilling has to be established and then the co-op will put a pole out there for lights!

We worked there most of the day Saturday and then Saturday night I went out with a friend. He bought his first digital camera!! Then we walked through the mall we used to go to when we lived up there...then had dinner and saw a movie. All night long I was wondering when and who we were going to run into that we knew and all night long we didn't see anyone! Then at the theater we saw about ten people that we knew!!! It was so funny!

Sunday mother rode back with me since daddy had left the day before and she and I shopped a little before going to their house. It was a wet weekend - very dreary weather, but I had a good time!