Mas Bueno!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
My favorite "snacking" is done on chips and salsa! Used to whenever we would go out to a bar for drinks I would want to much on them...I don't really drink that much anymore, though - but I still like to munch on them! Last night we went out for Mexican food and the chips were plentiful!! By the time my meal arrived (chicken fajita salad) I was too full on the chips and had to bring almost my entire meal home. I brought it for lunch today, but salads usually don't keep that well. It wasn't too bad, though. So, tonight and today points have been out the window! Not only did I have the chips last night, but I also had a margarita - just one, though! It was really good!!! So, please - slap my hand. I was almost too embarrassed to write about it, but that's what this is for, right? To inspire me to be good so that I don't have to tell the world that I cheated - this morning, too! Wednesday mornings are our division meetings and we take turn bringing breakfast. (I think I have mentioned that before) Today we had a smorgasbord!! I had a biscuit w/ a little gravy and half of a big cinnamon roll (cinnamon is my favorite)!!! I had the salad and half a turkey sandwich for lunch today, though. That's good in comparison!

So...tell me how I have to get back on track - that last night and this morning are not reason to give up. I still haven't weighed myself, but things fit really well right now. I don't think it's really noticeable, though. I feel better, though. Switching from Atkins to WW really made a difference in the way that I feel. Moving from all that meat to a more balanced diet...oh yeah, I feel a lot better!

Tonight we're going out for dinner and a movie. We were both out of town (separately) last weekend and Michael is going to be gone this weekend - and a friend we haven't seen in a looong time is coming out - so we're double-dating tonight. Guess what's be mentioned for dinner??? Mexican...again!!! I think I had enough chips last night that I won't want any and if I stick w/ fajitas or a fajita salad I'll be good. Man, Houston really is full of Mexican restaurants!!! I'll let you know if I can turn these couple of days of debauchery around tonight!!!