Let me just say...

Thursday, October 16, 2003
that I am so glad that you read and comment on this blog! As I have said before, I have a program on my PDA to track points, but keeping this blog in addition to that really helps me stay in line. If I start to cheat I begin to feel really, REALLY guilty b/c I know I am going to have to write about it and then I'd feel ashamed - like I let everyone down or something. My mother brought that to my attention last week when she asked about my points (the day I cheated w/ pizza for lunch and dinner) and said, "Now, remember you're going to have to post that and everyone is going to read it!" Aren't moms great...sometimes!! :)

Dinner is when I am most likely to cheat...and last night I stayed within my points b/c I didn't have two enchiladas and I was able to have desert - about 2/3 cup of tres leches ice cream equalling around 3 points!

That's what I like so much more w/ WW - I can eat ANYTHING I want!! I just have to account for it and modify the rest of my meals for the day!