Itza Pasta!

Friday, October 17, 2003
Oh my...well, that's what banked points and skipped breakfasts are for!!! We took our boss out today b/c yesterday was Boss' Day. (He wasn't here all day yesterday so we went today!) Well, he chose Italian. Since I'm not on Atkins anymore I thought, this won't be so bad. I can have pasta on WW - I just have to account for it. Well, last night I banked 3 points and decided to skip breakfast today b/c I knew I would need those points since I was going out to eat lunch. And it's a good thing, too! My modest pasta w/ sauce came out to be 17 points!! Though, I must say that included garlic bread and tomato soup - AND they gave us a complimentary appetizer. Italian Lollipops - basically a meatball on a stick, a stick of uncooked pasta! So, I now have 5-10 points remaining for dinner. That won't be too bad if we don't go out for dinner tonight. We might be going with friends to one of my favorite restaurants tonight and it would be hard to have a meal there for 5-10 (8-13 w/ my banked points) points. If we don't go, though, I might just have cereal again for dinner! I hope if we do go out I'll be able to order something simple and low cal!!! I'll letcha' know how I do! (If I had worked out this morning I would have 1 or 2 activity points to go along with those banked points!)

(though I have to say it was cool to eat pasta and bread again after so long...)