It's been a weekend...

Sunday, October 05, 2003
of lots of going and doing. We made it out to the Rainforest Cafe this weekend. I had never been and Michael took me on a date so we drove out to Katy. Afterwards we were going to go ice skating, but it was pretty late so we went to the movie instead. The movie was funny...better than I had expected to be honest!

I haven't been feeling well this weekend. It started a couple weeks ago with a scratchy throat, which has only gotten worse over time. The mornings and evenings are the worst for me. I can't breathe and I sound like I spent the night at a KISS concert or something. My voice takes a while to kick in. Today I haven't had much energy either. I was planning on going to get a flu shot this week - we get them free at work. I never get them, but I thought this year I would. I don't know why, b/c I never get sick. At least not seriously sick. This is just a cold I'm fighting...but I am afraid if I go get a shot while I am feeling this way that I will get sick! I don't know really.

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful, though. During the day on Saturday we went out to Carter's Country and shot skeets. We (Michael, his two brothers, and me) shot through two rounds - 25 shots per round. My arm is a bit sore today and bruised a little. I did alright for my first time...20% each round. I thought I did better the second time, but I think it was just b/c I was hitting better at the beginning of the 2nd round then the first. At the end with the score keeper told me I had exactly the same number as the first round (five) I was honestly shocked!!! I really thought I had hit more! Oh round one of his brothers only hit six and the second one only hit five as well!!! I didn't feel so bad then! I do alright with a stationary target!!! Maybe next time I'll do better!!!

Today the skies looked a bit more cloudy - like it might rain. I haven't checked the weather forecast, though, so I don't know if it's supposed to or not. I should do that now! We have been kind of bummy today. On Sundays the television stays on football and the computer (for the most part) stays on Michael's fantasy football league homepage...he is so funny. Every five minutes he runs in here to check his scores and see what his teams that aren't televised are doing!!! When I am on here I have to jump over there and check it for him and then get back to what I am doing!!! It's hysterical to watch when the games are really exciting! My neighbors must dread Sundays when he is here watching b/c it gets loud around here!!! LOL!

Oh well, I think I'll go back in there and watch the rest of the game with him. Tomorrow it's back to work and I won't get to sleep late and lay around like I did today!

Hope you had a great weekend!