I'm Very Proud of Myself…

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Every Wednesday morning we have our weekly staff meetings/division meetings…whatever you want to call them. A long time ago we got in the habit of bringing breakfast to these meetings and now we alternate turns. Usually it is something like kolaches, donuts, breakfast burritos, sausage biscuits. Usually something fast food…sometimes someone brings something homemade. I brought a breakfast pizza once. Well, today there were donuts (glazed and chocolate) and kolaches. They looked very good, but I didn't have any. I waited until afterwards and had my cereal and milk!!

Totals: 150 Calories; 1.5 Carbs

I also got up and made it into the gym this morning and did twenty minutes on the stair master. I didn't make it to the gym until after 6:30 and I need to start getting dressed no later than 7 or 7:10 so I didn't have much time. It was a hard workout, though. I was drenched it sweat when I was finished and considering I haven't done anything in two weeks I was just glad to be back at all!!!

I brought leftovers from last night's dinner for my lunch today. Just two pieces of the chicken tenderloins and about half a cup of the cauliflower dish. I'll have to look up those dishes and see how many calories all that is. There aren't very many carbs b/c it's meat, cheese, and veggies…no starches.