I'm Frustrated...

Monday, October 13, 2003
Grrr...I was adding some files to my PDA today and something (I don't know what) happened and I had to reset it. Well, I have reset it before - no big deal. Not this time, though. This time I lost everything!!! Luckily I have a backup module at home - it's been over a month since I updated it, but most everything should still be there. My Christmas list might be gone, though. I am syncing it right now. Hopefully most of the address and calendar information should come back before I leave. It is taking forever to sync, though.

My biggest concern is that I have seen it say synchronizing to one particular item three times now. I don't know what the deal is.

For some reason I was unable to delete/remove add-ons once they had been added. I highlighted them, clicked removed, it asked me again to make sure that I wanted to do that, I said yes, the dialog box went away and they were still there. Grrr...I hate it when things don't work the way they are supposed to. Maybe it's time I upgraded, but I haven't really had this one that long. Maybe I'll search for info on some of the newer ones and see what I like. As long as it's Palm OS. That's all I can use here at work and I sync it here more than I do at home.

What an irritation!