Saturday, October 18, 2003


Yesterday I went with Michael and his family to a surprise b'day party. Afterwards I was looking forward to going out with Michael since we didn't Friday night, but by the time we left we were both pretty tired. So, instead we opted to rent a movie and have a calm night in front of the television...we rented The Italian Job, which was really good! I had heard good things about it and wasn't disappointed. They only had it in VHS so we had to do some electronic rearranging first to hook up the VCR.

Today I am going to go visit the folks and leave Michael and his brothers to the football games...oh don't worry. I'll get my fair share...the games will still be going when I get back. Sports starts at noon on Sundays and doesn't end - especially with the World Series going on right now - until Thursday. That's the only night that I keep the television on NBC!!

Well, I am off - I need to get some things together before I go to my parents' house!

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