Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Here me out now...

Okay...so I just won't HotSync at work anymore. **pouty face** I don't have access to the folders that the Palm data is in, I can't move it, and they won't grant me access. At least not permanent access. I called the CSC (Customer Support Center) yesterday and was given temporary access to go in and clean it up, but they won't give it to me for good. **sigh** Oh well...then I'll have to do it at home. That's really where I should be doing it anyway!

On to my real vent for this morning...

I heard something on the news this morning on my way in that disturbed me. I have always thought that firefighters considered themselves this "Big Brotherhood" or something. I mean, a while back one of my coworkers passed fighting a fire (he was a vol. firefighter) and there were firefighters from all over South Texas at his funeral. Many of whom didn't even know him. I thought that was amazing!!! Then, this morning on the radio, I don't have a clue what the story was even about, I heard there is a Black Firefighters Association. Now, I am not prejudice at all, but I think separating yourself in a group like that says that YOU are prejudice. I mean, is there a White Firefighters Association, too. I just thought being a firefighter period put you in a special group of people.

Can you tell what color they are under those masks???So, let me get on my soap box for a moment! I have never been prejudice in my life, but I have to say that if you want to be equal to the rest of society race-wise, don't create a group that singles you out. If you don't want discrimination in your life, then don't create a group that discriminates against others. It's hypocrisy! And it especially worries me that an association that this city relies on to be united would have discrimination so blatantly like that. I don't want to know that you aren't going to help save me if my house is on fire b/c you don't like the color of your fellow firefighter!

I do remember that whatever the story was, this group was not going to fight for certain issues b/c they didn't think any of these issues would benefit the Black Firefighters!!!!!!!!!!!! Are ya friggin' kidding me!?!? What decade is this!?!? I wish I could find that story to post. I heard it this morning on KTRH!

You're a friggin brotherhood for God's sake!!!! Isn't that what you tell all the "outsiders"...so act like it then!

Okay...now I am going to climb down for a while!

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