Harvest Challenge

Monday, October 27, 2003
My office has a fitness center that is very close to being like Bally's. It is very nice and we have all sorts of incentive programs. Every day you come you get a Health Point. Health Points can be redeemed for many different things. Workout bags (three sizes), fleece jackets, workout clothes, heart monitors, workout balls, other exercise equipment, etc. etc.

Throughout the year the fitness center also has activities for members to aquire extra Health Points. Riding in the MS 150 or volunteerings, water programs to see how much water you can drink, team workouts to gain points - this fall they are doing a Harvest Challenge. I didn't want to put all the details here, but click below and read more if you are interested. No, YOU can't get the points, but it is still great information to know.

I am really grateful the center is here. That is where I work out in the mornings so it is very convenient and they really help to motivate everyone.