Fruit Be Gone

Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Okay...I have just learned A LOT about fruit!!! What I thought was a healthy, diet friendly dessert last night turned about to be the worst thing I could have had.

My dinner wasn't too bad.
Total: 592 Calories; 44 Carbs

Yeah, I went over my carbs by out 15, but adding dinner to my breakfast and lunch my total caloric intake was 1,018. So, I decided on a healthy fruit salad for dessert - WRONG!!! When I figured up the Calories and Carbs in my fruit salad it blew my mind! 1/2 each of a banana, apple, and orange totalled about 165 Calories (well that's not too bad) and 25 WHOPPING CARBS (per Atkins Carb Counter!!!!! Gracious me! Okay, fruits are definitely OFF the menu now. I know that atkins didn't promote it during the induction phase, but I had no idea how high the carbs were! There was hardly anything to it even!

Oh well, you learn from mistakes, right!