The Evenings are Definitely Harder

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Well, I believe I stayed within my goal tonight, though barely! But at least I did - that's all that counts! My biggest problem is that I snack while I cook. And, like I said before, don't go shopping hungry! I was hungry when I left the office to go to the grocery store. I had to pick up a few things for dinner - and what else did I pick up. A bite of sushi to snack on while I cooked. I knew it would be several hours before dinner was ready, so I got a sushi roll to eat before hand. Then I had to taste this and that to make sure it was alright. So, when dinner time actually came around, I wasn't hungry anymore. So, my dinner got put into a togo box (tupperware) for me to carry to work tomorrow for lunch! That's least I know I'll have a good lunch. I always make enough that Michael that will have something for lunch and sometimes there is enough that I take a lunch, too. I wish that was the case more often. I try to cook healthy and it's definitely cheaper!!!

So, what did we have for dinner. Parmesean crusted chicken breast (tenderloins actually), Mock Mashed Potatoes (Cauliflower baked with cream and cheese), and sauteed yellow squash! It was yummy!! And low carb, too!!!! Since I don't eat potatoes (Atkins) I use cauliflower a lot now. No, it doesn't taste like potatoes, but it can be a wonderful substitute! There are several recipes on Low Carb Luxury that are really good!

One good thing is that I ran out of sugar. Now I don't pretend to like unsweet tea, so I bought sweet 'n low instead. Michael's parents don't use sugar - they always use s'nl for their tea so I have become used to the taste. I keep saying I'm going to buy some Splenda, but I haven't yet. I like s'nl and it's a lot cheaper!!! $$$