Didn't make my posts yesterday...

Monday, October 20, 2003
Yeah I know...I fell behind on my posts! Friday night I went out w/ friends and while I didn't do too badly I believe the chips and salsa pushed me over my points (if the wine and mohito didn't)!! Saturday I did pretty good. I had a hamburger for lunch and then we had BBQ for dinner at a b'day party. I kept my portions low and just had those two meals all day so it wasn't too bad!

Sunday I only had two meals, too. Breakfast and dinner - that seems to be a weekend pattern for me lately - two meals only! I had a mexican breakfast w/ tortillas and beans and ranchero sauce and we grilled for dinner. Ribs and potatos, though I only made it through my potato and one rib. I am not as strict on the weekends, but I seem to eat alright. I get full more quickly it seems. I guess b/c there is more going on!

Yesterday, I hit my points right on the marker. I had oatmeal for breakfast - 3 points. For lunch I had a plain baked potato (3 points) w/ a pat of butter (1 point) and tomato basil soup (3 points). For an afternoon snack (see I don't really snack on the weekends) I had dry cereal for 3 points bringing me to 7-12 remaining points for dinner. I had planned on cooking last night, but since Michael wasn't feeling well I just had a bowl of cereal (5 points) and even an ice cream (4 points) for dessert!! So I banked 3 points from yesterday to carry over today! I think I am going to start saving these all up for Fridays. We usually eat dinner out on Fridays so that will come in handy. It's like a treat from cooking all week or something!!

Today, I am having oatmeal again for breakfast (3 points) and I brought a lean cuisine meal for lunch (6 points)!