Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Well, I have been playing with the colors a lot. I haven't really decided what I like yet, but this seems pretty cool for now. The rather muted colors. What do you think!?!? I thought about changing the background color for my entries, but it always kept coming back to a dark background with lighter text and that is what I wanted to get away from in the first place! So, I am going to stick with white for the background of my columns for a while and just have a color in the main background.

Okay - the two fairies at the top! I think that might be a little busy, but I haven't found another image that I REALLY like yet besides these. I just had one up at first - the one on the right and then thought I'd see what it looked like with two! I think eventually I will just go back to the one on the right only and see how that looks. I am playing with making an image for my title as well. I mean, right now it doesn't say Daily Venting & Exclamations that'll come later, too!

I really wanted something that I could change more often and the template that I had before was rather complicated. It wasn't easy to change - this one I can very easily change whenever I like. Especially now that I have learned how to use pBlocks!!! pMachine is so wonderful once you learn it! Since I wasn't doing to much template work before I didn't realize how much it was truly capable of. (EJ, you should be proud of me!!!) I am off to the Northwest Gathering for the H-Town Bloggers. This is the first gathering I have been able to make it to in a while so I am anxious to see everyone!!!