Blogging Skeptics

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Do you have friends or family members that give you a hard time about your blog? From one aspect I understand it. We tell children, "Don't talk to people you don't know on the internet" or "Don't give out details to people you don't know on the internet." And he we are with our entire lives out there for the world to see. Skeptics would say it's dangerous, but honestly I have never felt that way about it. I honestly feel that I KNOW the people that come visit my sites and the writers of blogs I read. I don't give out my address or anything, but people know that I live in Houston. I guess someone serious about finding me could track me down from things that I say, but if someone really wanted to find me I believe it would be possible even if I didn't keep up a website.

I have written before about my handwritten journals. I have kept them since 1996. I have had this website now (though it's moved a bit) for over two years now. They have become part of my life and I don't think I could just give up either one at this point. I feel very personal about both of them. My journal is where I go to REALLY vent. When I am down and things are bothering me I go to my handwritten journal b/c there is no judgment there. I am always right and don't offend anyone b/c no one reads it. My journals are an open forum to anything that is in my head. There is no censoring there.

My websites, however, have a bit of censorship. I know that some people don't see it that way b/c it is personal, but it is also public. I would hate to go onto a blog and read degrading remarks that someone wrote about Egyptians (since I am Egyptian) and I don't want to offend anyone with what I write either. I always tell the truth here, but I can do that without being offensive. And yeah, I do tell about places that I go and things I do, but it is usually after the fact, when I am giving a recap. When we schedule a happy hour (that I haven't attended in a while - shame on me) it is posted all over the internet where we all will be.

Anyway…I guess if you aren't a part of the blogging community and don't understand what it's about then you would see it in a different light. I have learned a lot since I have been blogging. About other people, about myself - I have gained a lot of computer knowledge that I didn't have before - and most importantly I have made some really good friends along the way!

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions. It is what makes us all unique. My opinion is that my blog and my journals have been good for me and I believe they are going to be for a long, long time!!!