Another Monday

Sunday, October 12, 2003
I have been thinking about using Weight Watchers point system again. Since I am counting calories more so now, it would be a good way to make sure that I stay within my limits. Friday I got sick - I think my blood sugar must have been way down b/c I was very shaky and pale and felt rather sick to my stomach. The induction part of Atkins is pretty harsh on me. I will still try to keep my carb intake down...after all, a lot of things higher in carbs are also higher in calories. In reality my plan isn't changing - still keeping low carbs and low calories - I'll just be tracking it through WW. I have a program on my PDA that will help me out so that I don't have to lug those books around with me and write down what I eat. I can just track it on my PDA and here.

During the week isn't really that hard for me. I either have cereal in my office or something at the cafeteria downstairs. And now, what is even easier, is that our cafeteria is including WW point values on their menu. So, it is much easier for me to track points rather than carbs and since I seem to have issues with my blood sugar level dropping, this will be healthier for me anyway.

I wasn't very good this weekend. Actually I was until Saturday night...we went to a concert and I ended up drinking a few beers. Yeah, they were light beers, but still high calories. The carb intake is about three per can. Then on Sunday we had people over to watch the football game and the easiest thing to do for everyone was order pizza...ugh! Very high in carbs and calories. And yeah, I ate leftovers of it for dinner. So, on Sunday I had four pieces of pizza - two for lunch and two for dinner.

I did make it into the gym this morning, though...and managed to work up a good sweat on the stair climber. That machine does more for me than any other cardio machine. Running does the same, but I hate treadmills. I ran at my complex last week and really liked that, though. I like the stair climber, though, b/c it has less impact than running does.

So far today I have had five points - a bowl of cereal and milk. Low cal cereals can be good meals b/c they are low in points and after a bowl I am usually pretty full. That was the idea bringing a box to the office. Have one for breakfast and another for lunch - that would be ten points between breakfast and lunch leaving 13-18 (my limitations are 22-27 per day) for dinner and a snack.