Friday, October 31, 2003



Pei Wei for lunch again...

I got Pei Wei for lunch today. I wanted to try something other than the lettuce wraps so today I got chicken lo mein - an order is 2.25 servings and one serving is 4 points, so it's 9 points for the whole thing. I told the lady to give me an extra to-go box and when I brought it back to the office before I ate anything I put about half of it in the to-go box. So, I am going to count the portion I ate as 4.5 points and add an extra point b/c I plan on eating one of the fortune cookies later!! I don't know when I'll eat the rest - maybe dinner maybe this afternoon - regardless the point is when I get hungry instead of having ate all 9 and then adding even more points later, I will be eating a smaller quantity. I did this yesterday and it worked really well. I was still hungry, but boxed up half of my lunch yesterday anyway. After about ten minutes I felt full on just what I had eaten. If I hadn't boxed up what I had I probably would have eaten everything. Then about three o'clock when I got the munchies I finished off my lunch! It really helped with my portions yesterday. I guess the biggest problem is that we don't wait for our brains to tell us we're full...we just keep eating and putting more in our stomachs than we can really handle. Then when it finally reaches our brain we aren't full, we're overly stuffed!! That's when you get that ugh feeling and don't want to do anything but sleep!!!

I did have a big breakfast this morning, too. I had two pieces of toast w/ jam and about four pieces of pineapple w/ about two tbsp of cottage cheese - all that was 8 points, added to the 5.5 for lunch puts me at 14.5 points already. That leaves 8-13 for tonight!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hogwarts Headaches???

You know, I have heard many critics against the Harry Potter books, which I love btw, but this latest one is a bit over the top!

A Washington doctor warned that he has seen three children complain of headaches caused by the physical stress of relentlessly plowing through the epic 870-page adventure.

I find it hard to believe that doctor would attribute this one particular book as the cause of children's headaches. I mean, be serious...they could have just as easily been reading A Tale of Two Cities or a many, many comic books and would have probably developed the headaches! I really don't think it was just the fact that it was Harry Potter they were reading! C'mon!


Well, I have been playing with the colors a lot. I haven't really decided what I like yet, but this seems pretty cool for now. The rather muted colors. What do you think!?!? I thought about changing the background color for my entries, but it always kept coming back to a dark background with lighter text and that is what I wanted to get away from in the first place! So, I am going to stick with white for the background of my columns for a while and just have a color in the main background.

Okay - the two fairies at the top! I think that might be a little busy, but I haven't found another image that I REALLY like yet besides these. I just had one up at first - the one on the right and then thought I'd see what it looked like with two! I think eventually I will just go back to the one on the right only and see how that looks. I am playing with making an image for my title as well. I mean, right now it doesn't say Daily Venting & Exclamations that'll come later, too!

I really wanted something that I could change more often and the template that I had before was rather complicated. It wasn't easy to change - this one I can very easily change whenever I like. Especially now that I have learned how to use pBlocks!!! pMachine is so wonderful once you learn it! Since I wasn't doing to much template work before I didn't realize how much it was truly capable of. (EJ, you should be proud of me!!!) I am off to the Northwest Gathering for the H-Town Bloggers. This is the first gathering I have been able to make it to in a while so I am anxious to see everyone!!!

How cool is that...

Froud faeries are what got me started collecting faeries and now he has a book out w/ my name (granted he spells it with an extra "h" on the end, but it's still cool!!!

Mas Bueno!

My favorite "snacking" is done on chips and salsa! Used to whenever we would go out to a bar for drinks I would want to much on them...I don't really drink that much anymore, though - but I still like to munch on them! Last night we went out for Mexican food and the chips were plentiful!! By the time my meal arrived (chicken fajita salad) I was too full on the chips and had to bring almost my entire meal home. I brought it for lunch today, but salads usually don't keep that well. It wasn't too bad, though. So, tonight and today points have been out the window! Not only did I have the chips last night, but I also had a margarita - just one, though! It was really good!!! So, please - slap my hand. I was almost too embarrassed to write about it, but that's what this is for, right? To inspire me to be good so that I don't have to tell the world that I cheated - this morning, too! Wednesday mornings are our division meetings and we take turn bringing breakfast. (I think I have mentioned that before) Today we had a smorgasbord!! I had a biscuit w/ a little gravy and half of a big cinnamon roll (cinnamon is my favorite)!!! I had the salad and half a turkey sandwich for lunch today, though. That's good in comparison!

So...tell me how I have to get back on track - that last night and this morning are not reason to give up. I still haven't weighed myself, but things fit really well right now. I don't think it's really noticeable, though. I feel better, though. Switching from Atkins to WW really made a difference in the way that I feel. Moving from all that meat to a more balanced diet...oh yeah, I feel a lot better!

Tonight we're going out for dinner and a movie. We were both out of town (separately) last weekend and Michael is going to be gone this weekend - and a friend we haven't seen in a looong time is coming out - so we're double-dating tonight. Guess what's be mentioned for dinner??? Mexican...again!!! I think I had enough chips last night that I won't want any and if I stick w/ fajitas or a fajita salad I'll be good. Man, Houston really is full of Mexican restaurants!!! I'll let you know if I can turn these couple of days of debauchery around tonight!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Layers of Fun!!!

Done the 100 Things and How Well Do Your Friends Know You...well here's another!!! Enjoy!

-- Name: Hanna
-- Birth date: September 13, 1977
-- Birthplace: Lufkin, Texas
-- Current Location: Houston, Texas
-- Eye Color: Brown
-- Hair Color: Brown
-- Height: 5' 5" (I think...)
-- Righty or Lefty: Righty
-- Zodiac Sign: Virgo

A little cleanup...

Kathy helped me so much yesterday! I wanted to say thanks for answering all my pMachine questions yesterday!!!!!

There are two things that I still want to change. The divider between entries and the flower at each date. The divider can't really be seen that well on the white background like on the green background that I had before and the flower just doesn't match to me.

I really have a lot of work today, though, so they will just have to do until I have some time to play with them!

New Template

I'm working on a new template so things might look a little crazy around here for a while!


I'm working on it!!!



Not very satisfied...

You know as many times as I have eaten Vietnamese food (Pho) and enjoyed it, I never feel very satisfied afterwards. I don't mean I am still hungry (though today I am b/c I didn't eat what I got), rather that I am not satisfied b/c I didn't have a wonderful meal. I guess there are just very specific items that I like. I enjoy the noodle soup, spring rolls (and the fried rolls), and I love the iced coffee, but that's about it. I'll eat other foods, but again they don't really satisfy my taste buds!

Today for lunch downstairs they had Banh Xeo. (Here's the recipe if you're interested.) It was worth 8 points - and to be honest, I really wish I had saved those points now!!! I didn't eat it all so I probably didn't get the full 8 points, but I'll still count 8. Tonight we're going to Lupe Tortilla's for dinner so I'll have to be careful that I don't go over. I had 2 points for breakfast - 10 total today - so that leaves me 12-17 points for the rest of the day. So, if I get a chicken taco salad and don't eat the shell I should be alright. That's about 8 points or so...

Monday, October 27, 2003

My Chair...

Coy always keeps his desk lifted up so that he has to stand up to work on his computer. I thought I would give it a try, too!! It stayed up there for the day (Friday), but yesterday morning when I came in I lowered it. I guess it'll just depend on my mood. It really is good to work standing, though. It keeps me more awake. I can't sit back and relax in my chair when I am standing up - and it seems to be better for my back, too.

I really want to get one of these chairs. A friend had one and I tried it out - wonderful!!! It reminds me of a massage chair I have a little stool at home right now that I use for my computer desk (I'm in a one bedroom that doesn't leave a lot of room for a big desk!!). The stool really isn't that comfortable, but at the time it was cheap and easy b/c it was so small. It fits up under my desk out of the way!

I really think a better chair would help my back to feel better - and getting out of this chair in the office more often wouldn't hurt either! I wonder if I would get a lot of grief if I brought a kneeling chair into the office!! I am sure I would (it might be worth it)!

When we were still in our old office building they let everyone vote on the new chairs we would have when we moved out here. No, I didn't vote so I know I can't complain, but I can't believe the chairs we have won. They have about a thousand different adjustments to them, but even so it never feels just right. Some people have said that the mesh in the seat has ruined their clothes, too. They bought us these covers for the seat, but it's basically just a thin piece of material w/ elastic around the edge to keep it on the chair. Maybe I don't have my adjusted right. After all, it's supposed to be THE Ultimate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair!!!!

Harvest Challenge

My office has a fitness center that is very close to being like Bally's. It is very nice and we have all sorts of incentive programs. Every day you come you get a Health Point. Health Points can be redeemed for many different things. Workout bags (three sizes), fleece jackets, workout clothes, heart monitors, workout balls, other exercise equipment, etc. etc.

Throughout the year the fitness center also has activities for members to aquire extra Health Points. Riding in the MS 150 or volunteerings, water programs to see how much water you can drink, team workouts to gain points - this fall they are doing a Harvest Challenge. I didn't want to put all the details here, but click below and read more if you are interested. No, YOU can't get the points, but it is still great information to know.

I am really grateful the center is here. That is where I work out in the mornings so it is very convenient and they really help to motivate everyone.

Running out the door...

Okay...getting online in the mornings to check my mail is getting to be a bad habit! It makes me late!!! I get online to check my email - five minutes, right!?!? Wrong - that takes me to my blog, which in turn takes me to other blogs and then I start commenting and so on, and so on!!! Next thing I knew I had fifteen minutes to shower, dress, and get out the door! I made it, though!! I just didn't wash my hair (but I did that yesterday!)...

I woke up with a soar throat this morning! I am sure it is b/c the weather doesn't know what it wants to do. One day it's hot, the next it is freezing - but that's Houston!! And yes, when it drops below 70 degrees I break out the long sleeves and sweaters. Hey, 60 degrees is cold to me. I have a sweater in my office year round b/c I am always cold - so this is c-c-cold to me!!!

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz - Oh what a joy it is...

I have a tummy ache and we don't have any of the pink stuff in the medicine cabinet - so my boss said to take Alka Seltzer instead. I have never taken that for a tummy ache before.

My weekend...

I had a good weekend. I went up to East Texas (where I grew up) to help my parents. They have bought a trailer to put on some land they have up there to use as a camp house. It is a used trailer so needs cleaning and some minor repairs. Before any of that can really be done, though we have to get electricity, water, and sewage on the land. Funny thing is they won't give us electricity until we have a well and they can't put in a well until there is electricity!! Sheesh! It's being worked out. Proof of drilling has to be established and then the co-op will put a pole out there for lights!

We worked there most of the day Saturday and then Saturday night I went out with a friend. He bought his first digital camera!! Then we walked through the mall we used to go to when we lived up there...then had dinner and saw a movie. All night long I was wondering when and who we were going to run into that we knew and all night long we didn't see anyone! Then at the theater we saw about ten people that we knew!!! It was so funny!

Sunday mother rode back with me since daddy had left the day before and she and I shopped a little before going to their house. It was a wet weekend - very dreary weather, but I had a good time!

Good Monday!!

Well, despite going up to East Texas this weekend, it wasn't hard to keep the points low! It seems no one was in a cooking mood, so with the exception of dinner out with a friend (steak dinner) I lived on cereal this weekend!!

Today I am up to 9 points so far. Oatmeal for breakfast (2 points) - Bean soup and a sweet potato for lunch w/ a pat of butter (7 points). I don't have a clue what we're going to do for dinner tonight. I think we're having pasta - so it's good I still have 13-18 points b/c pasta is usually high in points!

Sunday, October 26, 2003


Click for larger image

Isn't my sweet baby too cute!!!

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Roadtrip:: College
  2. Honey:: Dew
  3. Flanders:: ??
  4. Vampire:: Teeth
  5. Justice:: for all
  6. Marine:: Water
  7. Protractor:: High School
  8. Rubber:: Made
  9. London:: Fog
  10. Jerry:: Seinfeld

Friday, October 24, 2003

Southern Cooking???

It's ironic, this morning I was writing about eating that good old home cooked food and then when I went downstairs they were serving chicken and dumplings today! Well, I had to at least see about them...took one looked and walked away. I don't think these people are true Southerners b/c what was in that pot didn't look like any kind of chicken and dumplings I have ever seen!!! (I did find out that a cup was only five points - good to know). It had carrots and mushrooms and something green in it...huh??? What's that?? You aren't supposed to see anything but white (I take the chicken out) in the pot!

So, I decided to get a baked potato w/ butter - 4 points - and a small broccoli & cheese soup - 4 points = 8 points for lunch. This morning I had oatmeal for breakfast, which was 3 points, so I am up to 11 for the day. Leaving me 11-16 for the rest of the day (actually less, b/c I need to get about 3-4 banked points to make up for last night's ice cream).

You know I really like the fact that our company supports Weight Watchers. The cafeteria menu has the number of points for each dish calculated for you already! It's great!! There is one section, The Exhibition, that always has some feature item. These always look great, but are sometimes hard to calculate, b/c I don't always know what it is. The chef is Vietnamese and sometimes come up with his own concoctions that are hard to calculate!!! This way I don't have to!! I can just peer in and see that wonderful looking plate and then read it 13 points and keep walking!!!! At least that's what happened today. He had some pesto raviolis and other great looking things, but I decided 8 would be better than 13 today!!! So, now I am stuffed and won't be much good the rest of the day!!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I scream, you scream, we all scream...for ICE CREAM!!

Well, I sure used up all my points and banked points last night. I was craving something sweet and we went through sonic and I got a small blast, which really isn't that small. I ate about half and the rest went to the garbage...then when we went home later (after watching Michael's brothers play basketball) he fixed us both half cup of Borden's Tres Leche ice cream with strawberries...yum! Again I ate about half and gave him the rest of mine (he doesn't have to count calories). I have been doing that a lot lately - I eat about half my plate, whatever is on it, and end up giving him the rest or packing it up in the fridge for lunch the next day. So, I had a little more than a cup of ice cream all together yesterday - which really isn't THAT bad. Well, yeah it probably hit me up for about 6 to 8 points!! I had some banked points saved up, though and if I am really good today and bank a couple more I should be fine! Otherwise for dinner, I had the left over King Ranch Chicken. It was even better the next day actually. I guess the onions and bell peppers weren't as strong!

Now, here's the real test! I am going to East Texas this weekend to the town I grew up in. My parents went up yesterday and I still have a lot of family there - namely my Grannie! That means there is going to be good old country cooking going on this weekend that is going to be hard to resist!!! Water, water, water! That will help I am sure!!!!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...

Don't flush and run out...check to make sure everything went away so that the next poor soul who enters the stall behind you won't have to endure what you leave behind!!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Theme Thursday

I haven't done a Theme Thursday contribution in a long time...or a Picture Yourself for that matter.

This isn't a traditional Picture Yourself...but it is me taking a picture of me...well, a picture of a picture of me!! Michael and I did this in one of those booths in the mall where you sit in there and usually make goofy faces and get four little pic - but this one did sketches and I thought it looked pretty cool!!!


Just so that we're clear, I don't think EEJITOUS is a real word! Rum and Monkey used it to define me, but I don't have a clue what it means! Today someone found me in a google search using it. Does it mean something and Webster just ins't up to speed or something!! Curious!

Evil Knives

Sorry it's been a few days since a post. I have been posting pretty much daily at Jeans and I guess that's all I have had time for. I shouldn't neglect DVE, though!!

I nearly lost a thumb preparing dinner last night. Well, alright, so I didn't nearly lose it, but I cut it pretty badly!! I have one of those serrated knives that never needs sharpening and will cut through almost everything...well, my thumb in now in that category!! I was slicing bell peppers and getting down to a small piece and WHACK!! - right across my thumb. It bled forever and when it finally slowed down I put a band aid on it. I didn't take it off until this morning, but I am afraid I'll have to bandage it up again soon. TMI???

I haven't done a test in a while and I found this one at Hootress and thought I would see if I am as good as I think I am!!

This site is certified 29% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 71% GOOD by the Gematriculator

So, just how good are you!?!?

These Old Capris

Well, I haven't weighed myself since I started this, but guess what!!! I put on a pair of capris that had been inching towards the "too tight" side of the closet and THEY FIT GREAT!!! Even with room to grow!! YAY!!

Oh...and about yesterday's recipe. I made it last night and it was really good. It didn't taste like mother's King Ranch Chicken, but it was a good meal! I think next time I'll cook the bell pepper and onion longer...until the onion disappear. I love both onion and bell pepper, but they kinda overwhelmed me in the casserole.

Speaking of Dinner

Here's what I am planning to cook tonight. I bought everything for it yesterday, but Michael played softball till late so I didn't cook. I had sushi take out instead! So, I can't say that it's delicious, but I like King Ranch Chicken and this sounds like a good low-cal recipe for it.

1 green bell pepper, chopped
1/2 medium onion, chopped
1 can Healthy Request Condensed Cream of Mushroom (or Chicken) Soup
1 10 oz. can Rotel tomatoes
6 oz. cubed chicken, cooked
4 corn tortillas, torn in pieces
6 tbsp or 1/3 cup shredded Mexican cheese blend

Saute pepper and onion in a skillet w/ Pam. Add the soup, Rotel, and chicken. Then alternate layers of tortillas and the soup mix in your baking dish and finally sprinkle the cheese on top. The bake at 325 degrees for 40 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

Total points per serving: 5

I will have to let you know how it turns out, but it sounds really easy and really tasty!

Yay - Pei Wei!!

Yay! I made it to Pei Wei today and had the lettuce wraps. One serving is only 1.5 points and there are 2 servings per order (it's an appetizer) so my big lunch was only 5 points (I had a fortune cookie and my friend gave me a piece of candy - 1 point apiece)!!!!
For breakfast this morning we had kolaches in our meeting (every Wednesday) so I had one kolache and one donut hole - 5 for the kolache and 1 for the donut hole - so I had a 6 point breakfast. Bringing me to 13 points so far for today and leaving 9-14 for dinner.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

No Pei Wei Today

I have 9 - 14 points remaining for dinner tonight. That's right...we didn't go to Pei Wei. :( And I was so looking forward to it. I almost called in an order to go and went and picked it up. I should have called in an order b/c after thinking about that I didn't think the 1/2 cup of prepared mac & cheese sounded too good anymore. So I went downstairs to see what I could find and ended up getting a medium baked potato and eating it - plain. Not feeling to satisfied I ate the mac & cheese, too - for a grand total of 10 points for lunch. Now I feel blah! Too much starch at once I guess. 9 - 14 is still a lot of points, though and I think my co-worker and I made a date tomorrow for Pei Wei since we didn't go today!

had a nice healthy lunch!

(since i'm blogless right now, i thought i'd post what i composed off-line... thanks to MishMish for giving me rights to post to this blog! i'm having withdrawals!)

my stomach was still hurting when i logged off the phones for lunch but i was able to eat my WW frozen dinner, Smart Ones, Bistro Selections. it was the roasted chicken w/ sour cream & chive mashed potatoes (white meat chicken in a mushroom & onion wine sauce). just 3 winning points, 3.5 grams of fat, 190 calories. it was pretty good but the mashed potatoes were rather bland until i drenched it with the leftover sauce. then i had about 2 cups of Diet Coke. and i had myself a salad w/ a few, sliced, black olives, 3 slices of roma tomatoes, and oil & garlic dressing. not sure how healthy the dressing was, but i'm full!!! i think i went over the top with the Diet Coke... i think that's the trick to getting full quicker... drink lots and lots of liquid.

while i was having lunch, Missy stopped by the break room and we chatted about our weekend. i told her that my stomach was hurting as a result of overdoing my exercises and she told me she also bought the Winsor Pilates DVDs! she said her vitamins came in early and she said that she's going to start everything on Monday... that means, she's going to start exercising, taking her vitamins, and quit smoking on Monday! cold turkey! i'm so proud of her! i told her that we'll all work together, form a support circle for each other. i can't wait until she tries out the exercises. her husband, Rick, our AC man, was asking her what the heck pilates was all about and she said to him, "i don't know what it is, but i've been seeing results on Kathleen and i'm going to try it out!" *blush* Nancy, one of our co-workers, also bought the DVDs and the vitamins, too. she got them maybe 2 weeks ago. i haven't had the chance to ask her if she's tried them out yet. like i had said earlier, the knee flab is going down and so are my saddle bags... i know i don't have saddle bags, but i don't know what else to call outer thigh fat. i'm finally working out my abs like i'm supposed to and not skimping on the exercises. i am desperate to get rid of the pooch above my belly button and below. if i want to look good for myself and my husband on our 5th anniversary next year, i can't delay!!!

(if you can't follow this post, you're welcome to visit my blog and catch up on the entries previous to this. however, my blog is members-only, so you will have to register to gain access.)

Parent Inflicted Complexes

I have decided that many of the people out there (especially girls) that are either on diets or have eating disorders are that way b/c of the their parents. One man I know in particular really bothers me b/c I am afraid his daughter is going to develop a serious health problem one day. I have known him for three years now, since his daughter was 13 years old and in all that time he has had her on diet after diet. He started her on Weight Watchers, then Atkins, now I just found out she is going to one of those Quick Weight Loss Centers - she is 5' 9" and 170 lbs. To me that isn't that bad if you're that tall. I am sure she is skinny in comparison to other girls her age (she's 16 now), but I'd be willing to bet she looks good. I have warned him time after time that he was going to either give her the biggest complex in the world or damage her health by either her developing an eating disorder or just the many diet changes. It just really grieves me.

If you knew him you would probably say, "No wonder..." Image is a big thing with him. He really appears to think he's all that and a box a chocolates! So I guess having a daughter that isn't Playboy material probably perplexes him!!!! I have seen pictures of her - she is a very pretty girl! I asked him if SHE thought she was fat. Before I got the impression she didn't think so, but today he said that she went to homecoming at her high school and thought she looked fat in the pictures. Honestly, I think he made her start thinking she is fat. I am afraid he is ruining her self esteem. I don't know the mother's take on the whole situation, but if it were me I think I would have to tell him to leave the girl alone. He wants her to lose 30 pounds!! She is 5' 9" now - imagine if she isn't through growing yet!!

Monday, October 20, 2003

Yum...Lettuce Wraps

Oh boy...did you know that lettuce wraps at Pei Wei are only 3 points - for the whole thing!?!?! (1.5 points per serving and the appetizer is considered 2 servings) That's awesome! They are my favorite and my co-worker and I were talking about heading over there for lunch. That's less than the Lean Cuisine Mac and Cheese I brought, which is 6 points!

Didn't make my posts yesterday...

Yeah I know...I fell behind on my posts! Friday night I went out w/ friends and while I didn't do too badly I believe the chips and salsa pushed me over my points (if the wine and mohito didn't)!! Saturday I did pretty good. I had a hamburger for lunch and then we had BBQ for dinner at a b'day party. I kept my portions low and just had those two meals all day so it wasn't too bad!

Sunday I only had two meals, too. Breakfast and dinner - that seems to be a weekend pattern for me lately - two meals only! I had a mexican breakfast w/ tortillas and beans and ranchero sauce and we grilled for dinner. Ribs and potatos, though I only made it through my potato and one rib. I am not as strict on the weekends, but I seem to eat alright. I get full more quickly it seems. I guess b/c there is more going on!

Yesterday, I hit my points right on the marker. I had oatmeal for breakfast - 3 points. For lunch I had a plain baked potato (3 points) w/ a pat of butter (1 point) and tomato basil soup (3 points). For an afternoon snack (see I don't really snack on the weekends) I had dry cereal for 3 points bringing me to 7-12 remaining points for dinner. I had planned on cooking last night, but since Michael wasn't feeling well I just had a bowl of cereal (5 points) and even an ice cream (4 points) for dessert!! So I banked 3 points from yesterday to carry over today! I think I am going to start saving these all up for Fridays. We usually eat dinner out on Fridays so that will come in handy. It's like a treat from cooking all week or something!!

Today, I am having oatmeal again for breakfast (3 points) and I brought a lean cuisine meal for lunch (6 points)!

Saturday, October 18, 2003


Yesterday I went with Michael and his family to a surprise b'day party. Afterwards I was looking forward to going out with Michael since we didn't Friday night, but by the time we left we were both pretty tired. So, instead we opted to rent a movie and have a calm night in front of the television...we rented The Italian Job, which was really good! I had heard good things about it and wasn't disappointed. They only had it in VHS so we had to do some electronic rearranging first to hook up the VCR.

Today I am going to go visit the folks and leave Michael and his brothers to the football games...oh don't worry. I'll get my fair share...the games will still be going when I get back. Sports starts at noon on Sundays and doesn't end - especially with the World Series going on right now - until Thursday. That's the only night that I keep the television on NBC!!

Well, I am off - I need to get some things together before I go to my parents' house!

One and half hours and a fingernail later...

Well, it was really great to get out tonight and see the gaggle! It's been a while...BUT the drive home was such a nightmare. I left the southwest side of town a little after 11:15's now 1:10 and I have been home all of five minutes. Yep, you read that right. It took me over an hour and a half to get home tonight. I guess some car must have spontaneously combusted on the freeway b/c that's all I saw when I finally made it passed the wreck point - a black spot on the ground. I really don't understand HPD - b/c they had traffic stopped five miles before the wreck and then would let people on an entrance for a little bit of the freeway and then stop them and then not let you on the next entrance. At one point I went through a light on the feeder only to be diverted to an empty parking lot to make a circle by to my original point on the feeder - then the cop that was diverting traffic left and everyone made a b-line back to their original point on the feeder and at that point it was a free-for-all...

If that doesn't make enough sense you're either as tipsy as I am (I'm about to go to bed) or the HPD are really screwed up!

EJ used to work traffic accidents - maybe he can explain it to us sometime. BTW, I missed you tonight EJ!!

Friday, October 17, 2003

No great recipe...

Well, I didn't find anything good for dinner and neither me or Michael were really even that we ended up having cereal for dinner instead. I was still about 6 points shy of reaching my minimum for yesterday so I had 4 points worth of pretzels - and I had an ice cream for 4 more points - giving me a 24 point total for Thursday and banking 3 points!! WooHoo! Smaller quantities lead to smaller appetites - huh Kathy!?!?

Well, I have to get ready for work - since yesterday was Boss' Day we're taking ours to lunch today (he took a half day yesterday) at Fazoli's. I am going to have to research their nutrition today or see if I can find the add-on for my WW program!

I hope you have a great morning!


I am thinking about changing my template. I still want to incorporate the faeries...I just want a lighter background.

I don't know...I'll have to surf around some this weekend and see if I can find something I like.

Happy Friday!

Itza Pasta!

Oh my...well, that's what banked points and skipped breakfasts are for!!! We took our boss out today b/c yesterday was Boss' Day. (He wasn't here all day yesterday so we went today!) Well, he chose Italian. Since I'm not on Atkins anymore I thought, this won't be so bad. I can have pasta on WW - I just have to account for it. Well, last night I banked 3 points and decided to skip breakfast today b/c I knew I would need those points since I was going out to eat lunch. And it's a good thing, too! My modest pasta w/ sauce came out to be 17 points!! Though, I must say that included garlic bread and tomato soup - AND they gave us a complimentary appetizer. Italian Lollipops - basically a meatball on a stick, a stick of uncooked pasta! So, I now have 5-10 points remaining for dinner. That won't be too bad if we don't go out for dinner tonight. We might be going with friends to one of my favorite restaurants tonight and it would be hard to have a meal there for 5-10 (8-13 w/ my banked points) points. If we don't go, though, I might just have cereal again for dinner! I hope if we do go out I'll be able to order something simple and low cal!!! I'll letcha' know how I do! (If I had worked out this morning I would have 1 or 2 activity points to go along with those banked points!)

(though I have to say it was cool to eat pasta and bread again after so long...)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Let me just say...

that I am so glad that you read and comment on this blog! As I have said before, I have a program on my PDA to track points, but keeping this blog in addition to that really helps me stay in line. If I start to cheat I begin to feel really, REALLY guilty b/c I know I am going to have to write about it and then I'd feel ashamed - like I let everyone down or something. My mother brought that to my attention last week when she asked about my points (the day I cheated w/ pizza for lunch and dinner) and said, "Now, remember you're going to have to post that and everyone is going to read it!" Aren't moms great...sometimes!! :)

Dinner is when I am most likely to cheat...and last night I stayed within my points b/c I didn't have two enchiladas and I was able to have desert - about 2/3 cup of tres leches ice cream equalling around 3 points!

That's what I like so much more w/ WW - I can eat ANYTHING I want!! I just have to account for it and modify the rest of my meals for the day!

Winning Points

Well, for breakfast today I had instant oatmeal, which was worth 3 points. And right now for lunch I am having PIZZA!!! Wait a sec, it's a Lean Cuisine and it is worth 7 points. It is one of those French Bread pizza. What is so glorious is the fact that it's bread at all. I haven't had much of that in the past being on Atkins.

So, my points add up to 10 points for today so far. That leave me 12-17 for snacks and dinner tonight. I'm going to have to find another recipe for tonight. I have a lot of meat and veggies in the freezer - I'll have to do something creative! Letcha' know!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I have a great recipe for you! I cooked these Chicken Enchiladas last night...a WW recipe...and they were delicious!

1/2 c Shredded low fat Mexican blend cheese
8 oz Fat Free cream cheese
1/4 c light sour cream
1 lg can plain tomato sauce
1 cup salsa (hotness is your choice)
1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast
8 whole wheat med. soft tortillas (I used 98% Fat Free Tortillas)
1/2 c diced onions

Boil chicken until thoroughly cooked and let cool. Cook onions in microwave for one minute. Shred chicken into a medium mixing bowl and add cream cheese and onions and mix well (I used my hands for this!!!). In a separate bowl, mix tomato sauce, sour cream, and salsa. Pour enough sauce into a baking dish to cover the bottom. Spoon equal amounts of chicken mixture onto the tortillas, spread the mixture the length of the tortilla and roll. Place rolled tortillas in sauce coated baking dish and cover with remaining sauce. Cover and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Uncover , add cheese, and bake for an additional ten minutes.

Serving: 2 Enchiladas = 7 points (@ 3.5 pts/enchilada)

Add a little beans and rice (be sure to add those points) and it makes for a great meal!

Morning Workout

This morning I decided that I would work out at home again instead of going into the gym. I did my Taebo video and 8 Minute Abs...I also did this in my sweat suit (one of those you can't breathe through). Chinook was having a fit - he thought all that jumping around and stuff meant that I wanted to play so he kept bringing me his "go-get-it"!!!

Well, I am going to be late if I don't get up and get in the shower!!! I'm definitely awake now!

Office Pics

Click for larger image

The cup I had the my office broke. I used the HOT hot water to clean it and it put a bunch of little cracks so that eventually water started to seep between the layers - it was an insulated cup. So, now I have this one instead! It isn't insulated, though, so it sweats a lot, but it's a cute glass, huh!?!?

I took a few more pics from my office yesterday - you can find them here. The ones closer to then end, marked NEW! Now, my office is messy. I make no excuses either!!!! I took these with my Sipix - they come out pretty well with good lighting!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Here me out now... I just won't HotSync at work anymore. **pouty face** I don't have access to the folders that the Palm data is in, I can't move it, and they won't grant me access. At least not permanent access. I called the CSC (Customer Support Center) yesterday and was given temporary access to go in and clean it up, but they won't give it to me for good. **sigh** Oh well...then I'll have to do it at home. That's really where I should be doing it anyway!

On to my real vent for this morning...

I heard something on the news this morning on my way in that disturbed me. I have always thought that firefighters considered themselves this "Big Brotherhood" or something. I mean, a while back one of my coworkers passed fighting a fire (he was a vol. firefighter) and there were firefighters from all over South Texas at his funeral. Many of whom didn't even know him. I thought that was amazing!!! Then, this morning on the radio, I don't have a clue what the story was even about, I heard there is a Black Firefighters Association. Now, I am not prejudice at all, but I think separating yourself in a group like that says that YOU are prejudice. I mean, is there a White Firefighters Association, too. I just thought being a firefighter period put you in a special group of people.

Can you tell what color they are under those masks???So, let me get on my soap box for a moment! I have never been prejudice in my life, but I have to say that if you want to be equal to the rest of society race-wise, don't create a group that singles you out. If you don't want discrimination in your life, then don't create a group that discriminates against others. It's hypocrisy! And it especially worries me that an association that this city relies on to be united would have discrimination so blatantly like that. I don't want to know that you aren't going to help save me if my house is on fire b/c you don't like the color of your fellow firefighter!

I do remember that whatever the story was, this group was not going to fight for certain issues b/c they didn't think any of these issues would benefit the Black Firefighters!!!!!!!!!!!! Are ya friggin' kidding me!?!? What decade is this!?!? I wish I could find that story to post. I heard it this morning on KTRH!

You're a friggin brotherhood for God's sake!!!! Isn't that what you tell all the "outsiders" act like it then! I am going to climb down for a while!

Monday, October 13, 2003

WW v. Atkins

My mother cooked a wonderful dinner last night and I was able to really enjoy it b/c I kept my points to a minimum during the day. I have such mixed emotions about WW v. Atkins, though.

On Atkins I was able to lose 11 pounds so easily during the first two weeks of being on the diet. With WW I never really saw that much weight loss. My biggest problem is that I am not consistent. I am able to do something for a short period of time and maybe see results, but then I cannot do it again. I remember going to the diet doctor and getting put on a prescriptions drugs for weight loss. It worked really great and that summer I was working out nearly five hours a day...I lost about 30 pounds and looked better than ever. Then a couple years ago one of the girls up here wanted to go to the diet doctor and I decided to go with her. I was on the pills for a while, but didn't see the results that I saw the first time. Later I read somewhere that would sometimes happen to people on the second go around for diet pills. That they wouldn't work as well as the first time. I also read that about Atkins. That people will lose a significant amount of weight the first time they went through induction (as I did), but when they tried it again it would be ten times more difficult b/c they had their "Golden Chance" the first time already and to do that again wouldn't be as easy! I have definitely found that to be true!

I cannot go back and forth between WW and Atkins, though, b/c they are both based on two totally different theories. In Atkins you are able to eat foods higher in fat and calories; however, WW says that foods higher in calories and fats have more points and you can't eat as much. Fat free foods, though, have higher carbs than full fat foods so it is recommended not to eat them with Atkins. Then there is that whole sugar issue!!! I get sick when my blood sugar drops - it is low to begin with and on Atkins it pushes it right over the "bearable" point and I start feeling faint and to ease that have to eat something with sugar in it and thus throws off the whole plan of going into ketosis - which many people argue will harm your kidneys!!!

So, do you see the dilemma!?!?! Which way to go...

My sister I think has it about figured out. She has lost over twenty pounds by just cutting everything she eats in half! Of course, she was born with a higher metabolism so that was all it took for her! My caloric intake isn't high enough to maintain my current weight as it is, though!

I'm Frustrated...

Grrr...I was adding some files to my PDA today and something (I don't know what) happened and I had to reset it. Well, I have reset it before - no big deal. Not this time, though. This time I lost everything!!! Luckily I have a backup module at home - it's been over a month since I updated it, but most everything should still be there. My Christmas list might be gone, though. I am syncing it right now. Hopefully most of the address and calendar information should come back before I leave. It is taking forever to sync, though.

My biggest concern is that I have seen it say synchronizing to one particular item three times now. I don't know what the deal is.

For some reason I was unable to delete/remove add-ons once they had been added. I highlighted them, clicked removed, it asked me again to make sure that I wanted to do that, I said yes, the dialog box went away and they were still there. Grrr...I hate it when things don't work the way they are supposed to. Maybe it's time I upgraded, but I haven't really had this one that long. Maybe I'll search for info on some of the newer ones and see what I like. As long as it's Palm OS. That's all I can use here at work and I sync it here more than I do at home.

What an irritation!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

I'm December


Which month are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, I agree for the most part. I am a Christian, but I don't think I am overly religious. I do like December, though. Not b/c of Christmas really, but b/c I like the winter! I am family oriented, though, and like to spend time with them.

(found at Elaine's)

Another Monday

I have been thinking about using Weight Watchers point system again. Since I am counting calories more so now, it would be a good way to make sure that I stay within my limits. Friday I got sick - I think my blood sugar must have been way down b/c I was very shaky and pale and felt rather sick to my stomach. The induction part of Atkins is pretty harsh on me. I will still try to keep my carb intake down...after all, a lot of things higher in carbs are also higher in calories. In reality my plan isn't changing - still keeping low carbs and low calories - I'll just be tracking it through WW. I have a program on my PDA that will help me out so that I don't have to lug those books around with me and write down what I eat. I can just track it on my PDA and here.

During the week isn't really that hard for me. I either have cereal in my office or something at the cafeteria downstairs. And now, what is even easier, is that our cafeteria is including WW point values on their menu. So, it is much easier for me to track points rather than carbs and since I seem to have issues with my blood sugar level dropping, this will be healthier for me anyway.

I wasn't very good this weekend. Actually I was until Saturday night...we went to a concert and I ended up drinking a few beers. Yeah, they were light beers, but still high calories. The carb intake is about three per can. Then on Sunday we had people over to watch the football game and the easiest thing to do for everyone was order pizza...ugh! Very high in carbs and calories. And yeah, I ate leftovers of it for dinner. So, on Sunday I had four pieces of pizza - two for lunch and two for dinner.

I did make it into the gym this morning, though...and managed to work up a good sweat on the stair climber. That machine does more for me than any other cardio machine. Running does the same, but I hate treadmills. I ran at my complex last week and really liked that, though. I like the stair climber, though, b/c it has less impact than running does.

So far today I have had five points - a bowl of cereal and milk. Low cal cereals can be good meals b/c they are low in points and after a bowl I am usually pretty full. That was the idea bringing a box to the office. Have one for breakfast and another for lunch - that would be ten points between breakfast and lunch leaving 13-18 (my limitations are 22-27 per day) for dinner and a snack.

Friday, October 10, 2003


I am sitting here in the dark, but the light from the bathroom is making the sweat on my back glisten. Nope...I'm not in the gym, I am in my bedroom, but I got out an ran our track here at the apartment for the first time! We have a lake (a big pond really) in the middle of our complex with a running/walking trail around it. I don't know how far it is, thouugh. I'll have to find out. So, instead of going to the gym this morning I thought it would be nice to take Chinook for a run. So, I got dressed headed out and did it!!! I ran it once and then walked it once and then decided to run it again! I feel really good, too. Chinook enjoyed it, though he got mud splattered all over him so I had to give him a mini bath when we got back! I didn't get out of bed today until 6:15 and I knew that by the time I got to the gym I wouldn't have that much time. I was only out there about half an hour, but it was still a good run. I think I might start doing this more often than going to the gym. In the gym the only cardio I do is the stair master. Otherwise I am doing weights.

Well, it's a little past 7 o'clock now, so I am going to jump in the shower so that I am not late for work!!!!

Sipix Snaps

I have revived my Sipix. I hadn't used it in a long time b/c I was having software issues. So finally I just uninstalled everything and started all over. Things seem to be working fine now.

Here are a few other pictures I have taken with it. The biggest problem, though, is that it eats AAA batteries and if it stays dead too long - all pictures are lost! Well, I'll just have to be prepared!!!


Nope. I'm not sick and I hope I don't get that way. I never get the flu...and I never get a flu shot either. This year I did. I don't know why.

We had a meeting downstairs and I wasn't planning on getting a shot, but they were set up just down the hall from where we were and as I walked past them I thought, "What the hell???" So, I stopped off, filled out the form, and got the shot. So help me if I get sick B/C of this I'm taking it out on one of our managers!! He gave us all grief b/c we weren't getting our shots this year! So, we'll see what happens. I am going to take a tylenol before I leave today, b/c that's what the nurse said to do (it's also what my mother told me to do - she used to be a nurse, too).

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Friday Five

1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones? I watch them all...though I prefer to see them live.

2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes? Basketball is my favorite sport, but if it's live I think I like baseball best. I root for the home teams - Astros, Rockets, and Texans.

3. Are there any sports you hate? No, not really...

4. Have you ever been to a sports event? We go all the time to baseball games. Been to a few basketball games, but haven't made it to a pro football game...yet!

5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play? I played basketball starting in the 4th grade and played until I graduated HS. I was a varsity starter my last three years in HS and made all district.

Interesting Information

According to various tools at Weight Watchers, I have discovered that in order to maintain my current weight I have to consume 2,438 calories per day. So, in theory, if I am successful at keeping my caloric intake at 1,500 or less I should lose weight. Also, another fact I found is that 3,500 calories burned equals a weight loss of one pound.

B'fast & Lunch

I'm a bit behind b/c I didn't get on the computer last night to post my dinner.

But...for breakfast today I had my usual bowl of cereal and milk - 150 Calories; 1.5 Carbs

And for lunch today I had leftovers - 590 Calories, 19 Carbs.

I didn't do a great job of cooking a low calorie/carb dinner last night, which flowed over into my lunch today so I am going to have to have a light dinner. Yesterday was the opposite - light lunch and bigger dinner. I guess in the end if I can keep my calories and carb within the limits that I set per day then I should be alright.

I am doing better on my water intake today, though. A while back the glass I keep in my office broke so yesterday I finally bought a new one. It measures about 16 ounces when full, so if I can refill it and empty it just four times during the day I will have met the required 8 glasses of water every day.

You know, it doesn't seem that hard. 8 ounces (1 glass) isn't that much water. And if you work an eight hour day that should just be one per hour. Every hour get up and get a glass of water. It's the size of the little styrofoam cups they have in the kitchen for coffee! So, what's the big deal. Why is it so hard to get in the 8 glasses!?!?! It's beyond me!

The water dispenser that I have in my office is going to have to go, though. It holds 8 glasses, which is a great help to remind me, but even after cleaning it 100 times with many different cleaners, it still leaves the water with a terrible after taste. I don't know if it is the plastic or what, but it is awful. So, now I am just going to keep up with how many times I have filled up my glass!

I'm going to search for a recipe for a light dinner for tonight. When I find out what I am going to cook I'll post the recipe!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Fruit Be Gone

Okay...I have just learned A LOT about fruit!!! What I thought was a healthy, diet friendly dessert last night turned about to be the worst thing I could have had.

My dinner wasn't too bad.
Total: 592 Calories; 44 Carbs

Yeah, I went over my carbs by out 15, but adding dinner to my breakfast and lunch my total caloric intake was 1,018. So, I decided on a healthy fruit salad for dessert - WRONG!!! When I figured up the Calories and Carbs in my fruit salad it blew my mind! 1/2 each of a banana, apple, and orange totalled about 165 Calories (well that's not too bad) and 25 WHOPPING CARBS (per Atkins Carb Counter!!!!! Gracious me! Okay, fruits are definitely OFF the menu now. I know that atkins didn't promote it during the induction phase, but I had no idea how high the carbs were! There was hardly anything to it even!

Oh well, you learn from mistakes, right!

Is it moving!?!?

I don't post emails that I receive very often, but a friend sent me this one today and I thought it was pretty interesting! I love illusions!!

If you take a look at the following .jpg, let me tell you ... it is not animated. Your eyes are making it move. To test this, stare at one spot for a couple seconds and everything will stop moving. Or look at the black center of each circle and it will stop moving. But move your eyes to the next black center and the previous will move after you take your eyes away from it.... Weird

Leftovers Aren't Bad

Mmmm...especially the ones I brought today! I had two tenderloins left (not even whole ones) and about half a cup of the cauliflower. Cauliflower is super low in calories, btw. I sure am glad I like it so much!!! It did have butter on it, though, that added 36 calories - one pat. Real butter, too - not margarine.

Totals: 276 Calories; < 2 Carbs

WooHoo...and that plus the sushi is what I ate last night. So, last night I was well within my limits!! I picked up a sushi guide at the store when I bought it last night and left it at I am not sure how many calories that was. It was basically just fish and rice, though. Not even 1/4 cup of rice. Hmmm...I'll have to check it out tonight and update on it.

My big problem now is water! I'm not drinking enough. I have an eight cup dispenser on my desk just so that I know how much I have to drink and I haven't had two today! That'something I really need to work on!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Blogging Skeptics

Do you have friends or family members that give you a hard time about your blog? From one aspect I understand it. We tell children, "Don't talk to people you don't know on the internet" or "Don't give out details to people you don't know on the internet." And he we are with our entire lives out there for the world to see. Skeptics would say it's dangerous, but honestly I have never felt that way about it. I honestly feel that I KNOW the people that come visit my sites and the writers of blogs I read. I don't give out my address or anything, but people know that I live in Houston. I guess someone serious about finding me could track me down from things that I say, but if someone really wanted to find me I believe it would be possible even if I didn't keep up a website.

I have written before about my handwritten journals. I have kept them since 1996. I have had this website now (though it's moved a bit) for over two years now. They have become part of my life and I don't think I could just give up either one at this point. I feel very personal about both of them. My journal is where I go to REALLY vent. When I am down and things are bothering me I go to my handwritten journal b/c there is no judgment there. I am always right and don't offend anyone b/c no one reads it. My journals are an open forum to anything that is in my head. There is no censoring there.

My websites, however, have a bit of censorship. I know that some people don't see it that way b/c it is personal, but it is also public. I would hate to go onto a blog and read degrading remarks that someone wrote about Egyptians (since I am Egyptian) and I don't want to offend anyone with what I write either. I always tell the truth here, but I can do that without being offensive. And yeah, I do tell about places that I go and things I do, but it is usually after the fact, when I am giving a recap. When we schedule a happy hour (that I haven't attended in a while - shame on me) it is posted all over the internet where we all will be.

Anyway…I guess if you aren't a part of the blogging community and don't understand what it's about then you would see it in a different light. I have learned a lot since I have been blogging. About other people, about myself - I have gained a lot of computer knowledge that I didn't have before - and most importantly I have made some really good friends along the way!

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions. It is what makes us all unique. My opinion is that my blog and my journals have been good for me and I believe they are going to be for a long, long time!!!

The Evenings are Definitely Harder

Well, I believe I stayed within my goal tonight, though barely! But at least I did - that's all that counts! My biggest problem is that I snack while I cook. And, like I said before, don't go shopping hungry! I was hungry when I left the office to go to the grocery store. I had to pick up a few things for dinner - and what else did I pick up. A bite of sushi to snack on while I cooked. I knew it would be several hours before dinner was ready, so I got a sushi roll to eat before hand. Then I had to taste this and that to make sure it was alright. So, when dinner time actually came around, I wasn't hungry anymore. So, my dinner got put into a togo box (tupperware) for me to carry to work tomorrow for lunch! That's least I know I'll have a good lunch. I always make enough that Michael that will have something for lunch and sometimes there is enough that I take a lunch, too. I wish that was the case more often. I try to cook healthy and it's definitely cheaper!!!

So, what did we have for dinner. Parmesean crusted chicken breast (tenderloins actually), Mock Mashed Potatoes (Cauliflower baked with cream and cheese), and sauteed yellow squash! It was yummy!! And low carb, too!!!! Since I don't eat potatoes (Atkins) I use cauliflower a lot now. No, it doesn't taste like potatoes, but it can be a wonderful substitute! There are several recipes on Low Carb Luxury that are really good!

One good thing is that I ran out of sugar. Now I don't pretend to like unsweet tea, so I bought sweet 'n low instead. Michael's parents don't use sugar - they always use s'nl for their tea so I have become used to the taste. I keep saying I'm going to buy some Splenda, but I haven't yet. I like s'nl and it's a lot cheaper!!! $$$

I'm Very Proud of Myself…

Every Wednesday morning we have our weekly staff meetings/division meetings…whatever you want to call them. A long time ago we got in the habit of bringing breakfast to these meetings and now we alternate turns. Usually it is something like kolaches, donuts, breakfast burritos, sausage biscuits. Usually something fast food…sometimes someone brings something homemade. I brought a breakfast pizza once. Well, today there were donuts (glazed and chocolate) and kolaches. They looked very good, but I didn't have any. I waited until afterwards and had my cereal and milk!!

Totals: 150 Calories; 1.5 Carbs

I also got up and made it into the gym this morning and did twenty minutes on the stair master. I didn't make it to the gym until after 6:30 and I need to start getting dressed no later than 7 or 7:10 so I didn't have much time. It was a hard workout, though. I was drenched it sweat when I was finished and considering I haven't done anything in two weeks I was just glad to be back at all!!!

I brought leftovers from last night's dinner for my lunch today. Just two pieces of the chicken tenderloins and about half a cup of the cauliflower dish. I'll have to look up those dishes and see how many calories all that is. There aren't very many carbs b/c it's meat, cheese, and veggies…no starches.

Progress Chart

You know, on MyYahoo! I have a progress chart that shows the weight I started at and my goal weight...and as I lose I enter in the date and my new weight and it shows a graph. I would like to have something like that for this site, but haven't been able to find one!

Anyone that knows of one - please share the knowledge!!

Why Milton Berle?

I knew that writing this post would get me into trouble!!!


I was once told that in order to lose weight you could eat anything you wanted if you thought of your hunger on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being completely starving and 10 being overly full. The trick was to stay around five…never dipping below three or above 7. If you were getting hungry (say around 4) and wanted a cheeseburger, then get a cheeseburger. If two bites of that burger brought you back to a satisfied state (back to 5) then quit eating it. The theory is pretty good, though I wouldn't go out and crab a cheeseburger for lunch everyday and just take two bites and throw it away.

The trick it to get our minds to tell us we're full BEFORE our stomach is overloaded. We eat too fast. My grandmother is the slowest eater I know. She will eat as long as I do and will have only finished four or five bites to my entire meal! Anyway…staying satisfied, not full just satisfied, is a good idea. We have all heard, don't go to the grocery store when you're hungry - that's when you buy the "bad stuff"!! Likewise, don't wait until you are starving to eat b/c then you eat things you know you shouldn't. That almost happened to me today. I spent lunch time to play with this blog and before I knew it I was starving. I was full from breakfast and figured I would just have another bowl of cereal for lunch. Though I wasn't bad, I didn't eat my cereal. I went downstairs and found something in the cafeteria!

I had original bought a half pita w/ chicken salad in it, but ended up throwing away the salad and just eating the pita which has 77 Calories and 16 Carbs. I also grabbed a half a pickle (two spears) - 13 Calories and 2 Carbs.
Total: 90 Calories; 18 Carbs

That little pita about maxed me out on Carbs! I didn't want to go over 30 a day - and that put me at 27.5. So that means no more carbs for me today. Total Calories are at 400 exactly, though. That means I can have about 1,000 more today. Whoa, that's a big dinner. I might have a fruit snack before I leave work today and use up some of those instead!

I haven't really talked about exercise, b/c in the last two weeks I have only gone once. A lot of that is due to the cold that I have been fighting, but that is just an excuse really. I haven't had the motivation. I am hoping this journal helps get my butt in gear!!!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Today is a good day to start.

In the past I have always given excuses for starting a healthier lame excuse was the day of the week. I had to start on a Monday! Well, today is Tuesday and I am starting today!

I have decided that the biggest cut of my calories are going to be from my breakfast and lunch meals. Lunch used to be my biggest meal of the day, but since Michael and I have been together dinner has become the biggest meal b/c we always have dinner together and I cook almost every night during the week. It would be hard for me to cut that meal way down…but I am going to up the veggies that I have for dinner every night!

So, to start my meal journaling…
One serving of Special K Cereal w/ Milk - 150 Calories; Net Carbs 1.5*
One serving (3 pieces) of Sugar Free Strawberry Wafers - 160 Calories; Net Carbs 8
Total: 310 Calories; 9.5 Carbs

*Net Carbs based on information based on the Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, by the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Assocation.

These Old Jeans

Well, with Kathy's help I have upgraged to pMachine Pro and started my second blog!!! Actually, EJ created this blog for me a week or so ago, but after talking to Kathy I decided to go ahead and upgrade - so I waited to make this blog public. There is still a lot of tweaking going on, but the text is there. You can read and comment and watch the site grow and develop!

So, kudos (and much, MUCH appreciation) to Kathy and EJ for helping me get started!

What time is it???

So much for getting a good nights sleep before getting back to work this Monday morning. I spent all night coughing my lungs up. Yeah, I know...too graphic maybe. I don't think I got a consecutive 2 hours worth of sleep all night. I got up a couple of times. Once I did sleep on the couch for about an hour or maybe a little more and I thought it was over, so I got back in the bed. Not thirty minutes later and I started again. Do cough syrups get old?? I took two different ones last night and I am still coughing. So much for 24 hour relief - that's what one of them said. Needless to say I do not feel like getting up and going to work. Not that I could stay home and get rest b/c I can't stop coughing. Maybe during lunch today I'll go over to the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. See what he/she would recommend and through out the other stuff that doesn't work!!!

I don't think I am really sick anymore, though. I get this way every year when the seasons change. When we go into fall and into spring. So, I think it must just be a seasonal allergy that just acts like a cold. Do they do that?

Well, it's too late to try to get any more sleep now so I might as well get ready and get out the door. *cough cough*

Sunday, October 05, 2003

It's been a weekend...

of lots of going and doing. We made it out to the Rainforest Cafe this weekend. I had never been and Michael took me on a date so we drove out to Katy. Afterwards we were going to go ice skating, but it was pretty late so we went to the movie instead. The movie was funny...better than I had expected to be honest!

I haven't been feeling well this weekend. It started a couple weeks ago with a scratchy throat, which has only gotten worse over time. The mornings and evenings are the worst for me. I can't breathe and I sound like I spent the night at a KISS concert or something. My voice takes a while to kick in. Today I haven't had much energy either. I was planning on going to get a flu shot this week - we get them free at work. I never get them, but I thought this year I would. I don't know why, b/c I never get sick. At least not seriously sick. This is just a cold I'm fighting...but I am afraid if I go get a shot while I am feeling this way that I will get sick! I don't know really.

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful, though. During the day on Saturday we went out to Carter's Country and shot skeets. We (Michael, his two brothers, and me) shot through two rounds - 25 shots per round. My arm is a bit sore today and bruised a little. I did alright for my first time...20% each round. I thought I did better the second time, but I think it was just b/c I was hitting better at the beginning of the 2nd round then the first. At the end with the score keeper told me I had exactly the same number as the first round (five) I was honestly shocked!!! I really thought I had hit more! Oh round one of his brothers only hit six and the second one only hit five as well!!! I didn't feel so bad then! I do alright with a stationary target!!! Maybe next time I'll do better!!!

Today the skies looked a bit more cloudy - like it might rain. I haven't checked the weather forecast, though, so I don't know if it's supposed to or not. I should do that now! We have been kind of bummy today. On Sundays the television stays on football and the computer (for the most part) stays on Michael's fantasy football league homepage...he is so funny. Every five minutes he runs in here to check his scores and see what his teams that aren't televised are doing!!! When I am on here I have to jump over there and check it for him and then get back to what I am doing!!! It's hysterical to watch when the games are really exciting! My neighbors must dread Sundays when he is here watching b/c it gets loud around here!!! LOL!

Oh well, I think I'll go back in there and watch the rest of the game with him. Tomorrow it's back to work and I won't get to sleep late and lay around like I did today!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Coat:: Fur
  2. Allowance:: Money
  3. Mist:: Dew
  4. Disorder:: Chaos
  5. Scheme:: Plan
  6. Dick:: Tracy
  7. Homework::Kids
  8. Milton:: Bradley
  9. Shampoo:: Panteen
  10. Z::List

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Easily Amused…

I keep a vanity mirror in my desk at work. For little makeup touches and whatever…so I pulled it out a while ago and started reflecting the sunlight over the walls in the hallway. Unfortunately no one came by during that time, but now it is sitting on my desk and there is a perfect circle of light reflecting on the wall above my computer. I wish I had brought my camera with me today. (I need to fix my sipix software at home b/c I almost always have my little pencam with me!!!) Anway, it's the little things in life I guess b/c it made me smile and I think I'll leave my mirror sitting out today and see if that perfect little circle gets noticed…or moves across the wall!!

Friday Five

1. What vehicle do you drive? Jeep Grand Cherokee

2. How long have you had it? Since October 2002.

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle? The room...I was driving a mustang before and didn't have any room to carry "things"!! I can actually fit grocery bags or other things I buy in the back of this!!

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle? It isn't as fun to drive as the mustang was!

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now? I think I would have two. Another sports car and maybe a brand new jeep. I like my jeep!

I tried to write a book once.

I was in the 6th grade. I found it one time - about 2 or 3 years ago. I don't really remember what it was about. Something to do with what a 12 year old find dramatic, I'm sure! Boys and girls and their first adventures at romance or something!

I have always wanted to be able to write. I don't know if I wanted to be a write per se - I just would love to be able to leave words behind that people would enjoy to read. Or at leave be able to express myself eloquently for my own enjoyment. Is it considered eloquence if the words are written and not spoken? If not, what is the correct word used to describe well written words!?!?

On February 14th, 1996 I started keeping a written journal. I started it b/c a boy broke my heart. Someone that had been in and out of my life throughout those "very dramatic" teenage years! Looking back it doesn't seem so serious anymore, but then it was my whole world. It is for all teenagers. It is hard for a teen to see that they are only experiencing a very small fraction of what their life is going to be. During that same time (when I started my journal) I was in my 2nd semester at Baylor. I hadn't been too happy there my first semester - it was rough leaving home for the first time. The 2nd semester was better, but I still didn't find myself much happier (probably part of the reason that I transferred). I was sad - so it goes without saying that my entries were depressing and that pretty much became the theme of my journals. I only wrote when I was down. Over the years I have filled up several notebooks. After I had accumulated a few of them I realized they were just laying out for anyone to read, which was the last thing that I wanted. There were some days when I would lay down to write (I write laying in bed) and I could easily fill up ten pages front and back with my thoughts. I didn't want anyone thinking I had issues or anything, you know!?!? So, what did I do with them? I put them all together with duct tape!!! That way I would know if anyone tried to read them! They are bagged and taped very well!!!! Crazy, huh!?!?

My Grannie is a writer…and a good one. She has written mostly poetries - all of my cards that I receive from her have original work in them. She has also written the history of the church she grew up in (as did my whole family) - last year was the 100th anniversary of the church. I gave her a journal one Christmas and asked that she fill it up with her writing for me. Anything she wanted.

I have thought about taking a writing class, but honestly I don't believe something like that can be taught. I think you either have the talent or you don't. I once had an art teacher (that was my minor in college) that would disagree, though. He said once that before we had taken a math class we didn’t know how to add…same thing with drawing or anything else! Yes, I did learn different techniques and I did improve, but my work still didn’t' stand out the way I would have liked it to. It was good. Something you would look at and say, "Yep, that's so-and-so (if I were doing a portrait)" and then walk on to the next image!!!

Sometimes I wonder if I really wanted to be able to write well or if I just wanted a talent to stand out. I am a good photographer, I am a pretty good artist, and I am a decent writer! LOL!! Pretty generic! (Now I am beginning to sound like I am whining…I’m not!)

I'm here...

I promise! I have just been extremely busy this week. It's EOM so I have a lot going on - plus I am training. I don't have a back up for allocations so currently I have to schedule all my vacation time around close so that I am sure they get done. I don't like to train, though. I get frustrated when people don't get it and I just want to say, "Here, never mind...I'll do it!!!!" ARGH!! Anyway...they are done now, though I still have a ton of other work going on now, too! I'll do a better job next week of posting!