My First Dove Hunt

Sunday, September 07, 2003
I had a good weekend. Friday night Michael and I met up with the group at Barney's to play pool and afterwards we went downtown for dinner and were introduced to the infamous red button! (LOL! You'll have to come to Houston to find out!) Michael and I were the first ones to poop out. We're getting old I guess b/c when it's gets to be about ten o'clock our eyes start wanting to shut. It was about one o'clock when we said good night to everyone and headed back to my side of town!

Saturday we didn't know what we were going to do. Michael's brothers had called several times to see if we wanted to go out to the country to go dove hunting. They finally made up their minds around 3:30 that afternoon! So, we loaded up and headed out to Michael's grandparents' country place to meet up with everyone. I got to go on my first dove hunt! Unfortunately I don't have anything to show for my adventure. I only hit one dove and I hit it just enough to stun it and send it spiraling to the ground...but only for a moment. Then it was back up in the air flying away! I still had a great time. The guys did really well! That night we all sat up until about 3:00 in the morning playing games...I was dying. 1:00 the first night and 3:00 the second...ugh, needless to say ,b>Sunday morning all I wanted to do was sleep...forever! But of course that didn't happen! The guys were all up early and heading out to the catfish I grabbed my camera and out the door we went to feed the fish! I got some nice shots while we were there!

Around 11:00 we headed back to Houston - and today we have spent most of the day watching football. First the Houston game at noon at Michael's and then headed to my place to watch the rest. I was so tired I ended up napping at Michael's during the first game.

My parents just stopped in earlier...they were driving back from Vegas and decided to stop here for dinner.

So, now I have to get some sleep b/c it is back to work in the morning. G'night!!!!

Here's a quick picture of part of the Kubeczka Clan (Michael's family) before I hit the sack - and the doves that didn't make it today!

My page was loading so slowly that I assumed having this picture posted might have been the now I'll just leave you with a
link to the picture!!! I hope it loads faster now.