Morning Madness

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
You ever get in that mode where you could clean and clean forever?!?!? Well, I was like that this morning. Before getting into the shower I cleaned up the kitchen. There were a few dishes in the sink so I loaded them in the dish washer and then began cleaning floors, cabinets, etc. Then I decided to put on some laundry before leaving, too and picking up and putting up in my bedroom. Okay, I don’t want it to sound like it's a new idea that I am cleaning, but I usually don't do it so early in the morning. I don't know what was different about today. Usually, I get all that done in the evening. When I was driving out I even thought, "You know, if I didn't have to go to work I'd just pull in there and wash my car." So that might be what I do this afternoon before I watch tonight's premiers on NBC.

Beyond the Cleaning
Well, I am not getting stood up!!! An old friend of mine and I had planned for her to come to Houston this weekend with her boyfriend and we were going to see Pat Green. Well, that was over a month ago…we made plans and bought tickets and then all of sudden I lost contact with her! So last week, after about three weeks of not hearing from her, I started emailing. I thought maybe she wasn't coming and didn't want to tell me or something! I sent about three to work then this week I sent a one to work and home. Finally calling her cell phone b/c I was beginning to get worried (what does that say when the phone is the last resort over email to contact people these days). I got her voice mail, which said he cell phone number had changed…so I called the new number given and got another voice mail - to which I stated that I was wondering what the deal was and if she was alright! So, this morning I have a message at work from her telling me that she changed jobs and didn't have that email anymore and that they had been so busy, but that she would call me later at work to figure out the details of this weekend. Whew!! I was really afraid something was wrong!

You know, it is hard to lose contact with people this day and age…yeah, it is easy to go a long time without seeing them b/c our lives are so busy now days, but through cell phones, web sites, emails, etc…there is no way you shouldn't be able to get in contact with someone!!! I have heard people say, "I am just too busy to answer emails…" Bullshit (I understand in my friend's case b/c her address changed) - but it takes me five seconds to reply to an email that I receive. Michael gives me a hard time when I talk about emailing this person or another person. He says, do you ever work??? Yeah, I work…but if I am sitting at my desk and receive a personal email I can either reply quickly stating that I am busy and will write more later, or when I get to a good stopping point take a break and respond. Either way, I just don't ignore them! (Okay, that was my little vent for this Thursday morning!!)