Long Weekend Update

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
So, how was your Labor Day weekend?

Ours was pretty good. We didn't really go and do anything exciting, but it was so nice to have the time off.

Friday we went to see Roger Creager at the horse track. I like his music, but his show wasn't really that great this time. He kept trying to get into conversation with the crowd or something. Telling stories and singing nothing but new songs…no one was into it. When he finally realized they wanted to hear his good stuff and started singing them it was almost time to go.

Saturday I took Michael to eat Egyptian food…actually it's Lebanese, but most of the food is the same. He seemed to really like it and they give you so much food we had a lot to take home. He didn't like everything, but that's expected! Afterwards we went to a local Cajun meat market. I had a gift certificate from Christmas for $100 so I figured it was about time I used it. We got so much food!! Pork chops, stuffed roasts and chickens, ribeyes, filet mignon, and even a rabbit!!! And it all fit in my freezer…which I couldn't believe! We won't have to shop for meat for the next month…just veggies to go with them! We ended up at my house for the afternoon and fell asleep…so after a good nap we decided to go see a movie. We got sidetracked on the way and stopped off at Old Navy just as they were closing!! By the time we left we really didn't feel like sitting in a theater, so we went to Hollywood to see what movie we could rent…we walked out with nothing, but did go next door to get ice cream! We ended up partially watching a movie that we had.

Sunday Michael's parents picked us up and we went out to Chapel Hill. It's about an hour North West of Houston. His grandparents used to live out there and still have a place. There was a bazaar going on at the local Catholic church (Michael's family is Catholic). As we drove up Michael and his dad each reached into the cooler for a beer and when I questioned him about bringing beer onto the church grounds (I was raised Southern Baptist), Michael just chuckled and said, "They are selling beer out there!" I am still not used to that!!! It is so weird to me to see all these old ladies walking around with a beer in their hands at the church…outside, but still at the church!! I keep imagining my Grannie out there with them chugging a cold one! It's too hysterical! The weather was a bit a icky, though, and those overcast days really don't help my migraines…by the time we left my eyes were tearing I was hurting so badly. After I made it home and took some medicine, though, and slept a while I started feeling better.

Monday the rain was still coming down. It was a good day to stay indoors. Michael and I had lunch and then made another attempt to rent a movie. This time we did leave with a couple…Chicago and Tomb Raider, neither of which we watched through! Oh well…Michael wasn't into either one and they slowly started losing my attention as well. I had already seen Tomb Raider, but I wanted him to see the first one before we go see the next one!

And now we have a short week! It's already Hump Day!! Yesterday I cooked the filet mignons that we bought and we finished ALL of the laundry!!!!! Tonight we're having dinner at Michael's parents' house, but before that we're meeting his brother for a little while to fish. Okay…I have to get some work done around here now! Yesterday I didn't get to update b/c it is end of month time around here, but I'm ahead, b/c everything is due today and I got it all in yesterday! Yay for me!