I am Beautiful!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003
I have been catching up on my blog-reading this week. I haven't been too busy at work, so when I can I get on and read the next blog down in my blogroll - and lately I have been blog-hopping a lot, too. I have been following links here and there and have found a couple rather note-worthy blogs!!!

One blog in particular I found yesterday…and really what drew me to read her blog was the essay she wrote on A Picture's Worth. (There isn't a direct link, but if you look under GALLERY her essay is titled SOMETIMES I CAN BE BEAUTIFUL. "Find the courage to describe yourself as beautiful and then, don't say another word." The words she wrote were moving. Maybe more personal to me, b/c I haven't always had the highest self-esteem (though it's a lot better) and I have never been too good at receiving compliments (and I am getting better at that, too). Michael gives me compliments a lot and I turn it into a joke or I'll say something about my weight and he gets irritated and says, "My God, you're beautiful…learn to take a compliment!" Michael has so much confidence and I really admire him for that. Kira seems to be like me…like maybe she has focused on the negative before and now she is being proactive about turning that around. Her essay is inspiring b/c it is almost like an assignment…and exercise. Like she is challenging you to look at yourself through another's eyes and see the good, the beauty, the inspiring!! Like the goal is to then to see yourself that way through your own eyes.

Yesterday I got a great compliment about my hair…and what made it really great was that it came from one of the girls in the gym that I have always admired. She is around the age of 40 and has the most amazing body! I have dieted and worked out all my life, and while I am curved in all the right places, I still wish for a body like hers! I told her this, too…she told me she worked forever on her hair and it never looked as good as mine…and I told her I have dieted and exercised forever and still didn't look like her! So it was like a trade-off. Then again this morning in the gym, she and another woman with a great body again complimented me about my hair and the other woman told me she thought I was the (begin English accent) "prettiest little thing" that worked here!!! Wow, here are two of the most gorgeous women in our company telling me how they thought I was so pretty! Shouldn't it be the other way around??? No, wait, like the essay said, "stop! Let me try this again" Now, let ME try again! I do have great hair…and a great figure…it's just that my figure is a bit bigger than those women! (try again) I have great curves in all the right places! I have beautiful eyes and great skin - I love my complexion!

I loved the essay Kira…that and the two compliments yesterday and this morning gave me a jab just at the right time to feel good before my b'day!

The Challenge: "To all the women out there, dare not to think of all those things which make you feel unlovely. Even if for just a day, fight the urge to talk about the ugly and unwanted. Talk the way a lover would in the midst of passion. Find the courage to describe yourself as beautiful and then, don't say another word." And why not the men, too????