Early B'day Thoughts

Friday, September 12, 2003

Tomorrow is my b'day! I probably won't get online tomorrow, so:

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday dear me,
Happy Birthday to me
(early) !!!

Yay!!! You know almost every year I have bought myself a present on my b'day. This year I haven't decided what I want to get me, though. Earlier I wrote how I often get bummed on my b'day and this year was no different. The closer it got to tomorrow the ickier I felt. The weather doesn't help either. I don't have any qualms about getting older. Age is just a number…in fact I'll just tell you now that I am going to be 26 tomorrow. Now ask me again in ten years if I still feel that way!!! LOL!! Tomorrow is also my friend's little girl's b'day. She is going to be a year old. Last year on my b'day I got a comment from her saying, "Sorry I missed your b'day, I was kinda busy. I was in labor!" I actually thought it was pretty cool that she was born on my b'day…and Nina found out she was pregnant on her own b'day! Am I still feeling icky about tomorrow? Nah, not really. I don't know what we're going to do, though. I am supposed to have dinner/late lunch around 2 at my parents' house tomorrow. Michael and I haven't really made any plans. Tonight we thought about going to the comedy club b/c I received free tickets…gobs of free tickets. (Anyone interested in going to the comedy club??) They give away more free tickets than they sell I think! I guess it just brings in the drinkers…people think they saved so much money b/c they didn't have to pay a cover that they can spend more money on booze!!!!! (Heh, usually bars don't have a cover guys!!! Clubs do!)

The weather is nasty so if we don’t go out it won't necessarily be a bad thing. Last night the thunder woke me up. I never wake up due to thunder…rain and thunder have always been good sleeping weather for me. But last night, b/c it was cool outside, the windows were opened and I guess lightening hit pretty close, b/c the thunder clapped and I swear I thought something landed on the roof!!! It scared me to death!! I was truly afraid for a moment, thinking something bad was happening.

I did have a pretty cool dream, though. Over the weekend Michael taught me a new game that his grandfather had and in my dream I was playing a version of this game with high stakes. I only needed a one or a two to win and I pulled a two and guess what I won!! $1.1 Million!!!!!!! It was amazing. I told Dennon my dream this morning and he told me that maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket!!!

We're having cake at 2:30 today. The second Friday of every month we gather to celebrate that month's b'days. Today we're having ice cream cake from TCBY I believe and at 3:00 I am going downstairs for a 15 minute chair massage. Yeah, it's kind of a tease, but I haven't had time to plan a one hour session and I haven't found a good spa near my apartment either. So, in the mean time, this will suffice! My neck have really been hurting so this will target the spot.

OH, I just got a phone call from the receptionist downstairs. I had some flowers delivered! They are beautiful!!!! Thank you Michael!! I love you, too sweetheart!

And NOW my friend up here just walked in with a b'day gift for me! Isn't she beautiful!?! I am going to have to start collecting Faerie Glen along with Dezine

Birthday seems to be taking a turn for the better!!!