Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Clock Watching...

You know yesterday seemed to go by rather quickly. I wasn't extremely busy or anything, but before I knew it the clock said 3:30 and then 5:00 came within a second! Very cool!

After work yesterday I went home and chilled on the couch with Chinook before heading to Michael's. It wasn't long after I got there that his brother came over to watch the game, which quickly lost our attention! So Michael and his brother ended up going downstairs to play basketball and I ended up watching Fear Factor. I don’t really watch a lot of reality shows, but I sat through this one! It was disgusting! They were competing for $1 Million. I think I could go through most of the things they have to do except eating that crap (sometimes literally) and if they had a stunt that involved spiders. Snakes would probably freak me out, but I know that I could endure that more than anything with spiders! After that we watched the season premiere of the new show Las Vegas. This show was alright. It was interesting to see how they caught the cheaters, but the whole daddy walking in on his daughter screwing his employee bit and then all of them having dinner together and talking about this was a little too much. C'mon!

Tonight we're going to the ballgame. Everytime I go I take my digital, but tonight I think I might see if they'll let me take my 300mm in. I know the last time I tried to take it to a Rockets game they made me leave it in my car. I should call first…I don’t want to leave it in the car downtown. I don't think anything would happen, but I am very leery these days about leaving expensive stuff in my car! So I have to buy film…what a nostalgic idea!!!

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