Chivalry in Strangers...

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Well, well, well, that was mighty nice of you!!!

When I got home from work today I decided to take out the trash while I walked Chinook. So I gathered up Chinook and the three bags of trash (I had done some Fall cleaning) and headed out the door. One of the bags was pretty heavy and I had to sit it down twice on the way to re-grip!! Now, here I am still in my work clothes, three bags of trash, and a hyper dog on a leash walking through the complex. One of my neighbors was pulling out of his garage about the same time and then pulled up beside me. I could tell he was slowing down and thought he might be going to tell me either that I dropped something or that there was a closer garbage bin or something...but instead he said, "Would you like me to take that for you?"

I wasn't expecting that. I told him thank you very much, but that I was fine...he offered again saying that he could just throw it on the back of the truck...and I said that I was afraid one was leaking. To this he said it was a work truck and that he was about to wash it anyway and by that point he was already out of his truck and taking the bags from my hand!! So I let him and told him that I really appreciated it. Wow! I thought it was extremely nice of him to do that! It was nice just to offer!!!

So, while my trash headed out I continued to walk Chinook and then, unfortunately, b/c we're predispositioned (is that the right word) not to trust anyone (especially nice looking men who are being nice to you), I turned to watch and make sure he was indeed throwing away my trash and not taking it around the corner to sift through for check stubs or old credit cards or something. Isn't that terrible!?!?!

Thankfully, he just pitched it all in the garbage bin and I felt ashamed for even questioning his chivalry!!! I didn't get his name, but thanks neighbor...for being a good neighbor!!!