B'days & Babies

Monday, September 08, 2003
On the day that I was born the first viewer discretion warning appeard on a soap opera…and a lot of other things happened on September 13th.

My b'day is this Saturday. I don't know why, but I always get a little bummed out on my b'day. Birthdays aren't really that big of a deal in my family. I mean we all congregate together and my mother cooks and there are a few gifts given, but as far as a real celebration goes, we haven't really been know to get down for our b'days. I guess I get bummed b/c once I wouldn't mind having someone do something special for me. Last year was my 25th b'day and I got this way b/c no one really thought anything big about it…so I got all my friends together and we closed down Buca di Beppo, which was a BLAST!! But much of it was my planning, too. I have been telling Michael that I want to do something for my b'day, to which he responds, "Okay, we'll do whatever you want to do." That's great, but I don’t want to plan my own b'day!!! I sound like I am being a brat. Reading what I have written so far, I sound like a brat! I'm not…I just want something different this year and I don’t want to plan it myself. (I said that already didn't I?)!

One of my coworkers is here today packing up her office. She has been on maternity leave and has decided that she would rather stay home with her new baby. I don't blame her, although I don't know if I would be able to leave work 100% like that. Believe me, I can't wait to have children - but I just don't see myself as a stay-at-home mother. I admire women who do…and their husbands. It's a lot of work to keep a family surviving on one income. Knowing my coworker, though, it is the right decision for her. She has the baby up here today, too so I have been holding her off and on this afternoon!!! (Baby fever - shh, don’t tell Michael!) My mother worked until I was born and then she and daddy decided that she should just stay home with me. My siblings were all out of the house, so in a way I am glad that she decided to do that, otherwise, I would have been home alone everyday. I know she is glad, but I also know that she was sad to see her nurse's license go. Without continuous work and education the time came that she couldn’t renew her license again and I remember when that happened she was sad.

Well, I still have time before I start having children…so who knows what my thoughts will be on the matter when that time actually arrives!!!