Thursday, August 28, 2003
$ Yay! Raises! $

The big wigs came through and gave us our raises before going into the long weekend!! That was mighty nice of them!! Thanks!

I am also happy to report that I had a great dinner last night with Elaine and then we did a quick sweep through Target since it was about to close! I found a cute purse, but since closing time was drawing near I think I might need to make another trip through during lunch today to get a better look at some of the cute new things they have in stock for the new season.

Yeah, the seasons are about to change. I can't believe that summer is already over - though to walk outside here in Houston, you wouldn't really know it! My b'day is in September and as a kid I can remember never getting to have a swimming party b/c it was too cold. By the time my b'day rolled around (the 13th) we already had our pool covered. Now, I think we could be swimming through Halloween! It's been cloudy here and very, very sticky out!