Weekend Update

Sunday, August 03, 2003
We had a really good weekend!! Our plans changed around a bit, but it all worked out well. Michael and his brother left for Schulenburg early on Friday and after work I went to play pool. I hadn't been out to do this in a long time...so it was fun to see everyone and catch up! I played for about an hour, but left after that b/c I had invited people back to the apartment and wanted to let Chinook out and make sure things were straight!! Kenny and Elaine, Mandy, John, and Christine came over and we ordered pizza and had drinks and watched a movie. This was inspired b/c Mandy and I are big Sex in the City fans and she told me that Carrie was getting a new beau!! Which led to other discussion about Mikhail Baryshnikov, which eventually brought us round to the renting this movie!!! It was pretty good, too. I enjoyed it!!! (And btw, he looks pretty good in his PR shots for SITC!!!)

Everyone left relatively early and I crashed!! I think I was asleep before they made it out of the gates!!!!!! Saturday morning I was awakened by the phone ringing...it was Michael! They had had a good time the night before...so good his brother was still Zzzing!!!

I got up and dressed and headed to my sister's house for my niece's baby shower, with a stop along the way for a couple last minute party details! We had a really good turnout and she got some really nice things! Afterwards we hung out there for a bit and then I went to mother's for a while before heading home. Michael still wasn't in and soon I got a phone call. They wanted me to come out there, which was the original plan, but in the original plan I wasn't driving alone! It was only about an hour and a half drive, so I sucked it up and headed out - and I am really glad I did. We had a great time! Kevin Fowler was there!! (We're big fans of Texas Country Music!!!) There were people everywhere!! Apparently this festival is a big deal every year!! Aggies and Longhorns were definitely known there a spirit war broke out as we were leaving resulting in the singing of the Aggie Fight Hymn!!! I wasn't an Aggie, but we made many a road trip from Nacogdoches (and Waco) out that way - so I found myself humming along!!

After that the boys (Michael, his brother, and their cousin who lives there) were hungry so we headed to find some food. After that the other two wanted to party some more, but Michael and I were tired - admitting this led to being called old, but by that point I could care less. All I wanted to see was the back of my eye lids!! So, they headed out to a party and we went back to Jason's house and went to sleep! Next morning we had breakfast and headed out to the pasture (that's the majority of the land out that way) to see Jason's cows and check a hog trap they had set the day before. It was empty, but we did see a lot of deer and Elk!! On the way back, after riding in the back of the truck for over and hour, I realized I didn't have my keys anymore. They had been in my pocket and had fallen out!!! I was afraid we were going to backtrack all over the country, but driving back Michael spotted them in the middle of the road near a cattle-guard!!! Thank goodness, b/c if they had fallen under the cattle-guard we might never have found them! Thanks to Eagle-Eyes I didn't have to run around to find a Jeep dealership and get a new key cut!!! I couldn't believe he spotted them!!

So, dilemma over, we headed back to Jason's. I napped a bit and they watched TV and talked and then I got woke up b/c they needed a fourth for dominoes...YES, they woke me up for that!!! And YES I played!

By that time it was getting late so we decided it was time to head back to Houston and reality!! It was a very good weekend. I'll admit I was hesitant about going out there at first, but I am really glad I did and hope we go back next year! Thanks for the invite Jason!!!