Weather; Headaches; Pho

Thursday, August 28, 2003
The interstate is side is bright and sunny and the other side is dark and it is thundering and lightening!!!! Weather is so cool! The only time I really don't like the rain, though, is when I have to drive in it. I have had a couple of bad experiences driving in really bad rain storms. I'll still venture out if I have to, but I try to avoid it when I can!

I decided a couple of days ago to update my 100 Things, but after I got to about number 79 today, I started to ask why I felt I needed to update it. My current one isn't quite a year old. I created it on 10/23/02. Maybe I should let that be my goal then. To have it finished and published by its one year anniversary. Or maybe I should just forget it and use my current one!!!

My head is starting to throb - can you tell from the random rambling!?!? I had another sick migraine yesterday. Amazingly, though, it didn't last all night. I was laying down by 8:00 after running around with it hurting and as long as I didn't get up and try to move too much, it didn't really hurt that badly. It went through cycles yesterday of excruciating pain and nausea, to mild discomfort.

But it's going to be better by the time I leave. Tonight I'm dining with Madame Cybertoad - we're having Pho! Yay! I haven't had Pho in a long time!! And afterwards I think we're going to assemble a new piece of furniture that she is planning to purchase!!!