Monday, August 25, 2003
I have the sweetest boyfriend (which I am sure I have mentioned)! Yesterday I got home around 5:40 or so and was tired so I just chilled on the couch for a while. I figured Michael would be there any minute and then I would have to get up and start cooking dinner (the food we bought was all at his house so I was waiting on him to bring it). My minute, though, turned into an hour. Before I knew it the clock read 6:45 and I was starting to wonder where he was. He didn't have to stop for anything - we had gone grocery shopping on Sunday. So I decided to give him and call and see where he was, but I got his voice mail. At first I was a little worried, but then decided that he must be driving up and that's why he didn't answer...so I walked out into the garage to get the garden hose to water my plants and sure enough there he was parking his car!! He got out of the car and I saw a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He said, "What are you doing out here, you spoiled the surprise!!!" Believe me, it wasn't the least bit spoiled - though I may be getting that way!! It was so sweet!

Tonight we're going to watch the baseball game. I have been trying to get my mother to one of the games. She hasn't seen Minute Maid park yet and wants to go, but every time we go she can't. She can't make it tonight b/c my aunt and uncle and Grannie are coming into town. My aunt and uncle are coming to see my cousin. He is having a biopsy tomorrow - they found a mass on his kidney and are going in to check it out. Keep him in your thoughts. Also going into the hospital tonight is my niece. We are going to have a new baby girl in the family after tomorrow - Miss Abigail Grace Wooden!

Oh...and last night I put some new pictures on my computer. Some of the pictures were on my Sipix and I couldn't get them to download onto my computer. I don't know what happened. I uninstalled the software and then reinstalled it and I still couldn't get it to read the pictures. So, when I get a chance I am going to have to figure that one out! Grrr...

The weekend was good, though. I didn't win it big (we went to the casino), but Michael did pretty well. He came out better than anyone else. I think he was he only one that came out ahead! I started playing roulette, though. And thoroughly enjoyed it! I wish I had the money to play it longer! I played for a long time going up and down and ended up only being down $5 in the end, so I don't consider that a loss really! I had fun and it didn't cost me too much. The slot machines on the other hand took the rest of my money! I don't have luck at the machines at all...I think from now on I might stick primarily to the tables. I have more fun there anyway!! But, of course, they just might get me in trouble, too! Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep so I was glad that we took off Friday! Saturday felt like Sunday and I was so excited when I realized that I had a whole other day to relax from being at the casino!

Since my family is coming into town tonight we might be going to mother's for dinner on Wednesday, but so far that is the only thing planned for the week...with the exception of the game tonight. We haven't decided if we're here or in East Texas this weekend. We were going up to my sister's place b/c they have a big skeet shoot up there every year, but now a few are going to stay here in Houston since the baby is going to be born tomorrow - so now we're unsure about what we're going to do. An alternate plan was to go visit the baby on Saturday and then keep driving on to Galveston, since they live out in that direction - but who knows! I guess we'll decide as the weekend gets closer!