Passing the last few minutes before 5:00!!

Friday, August 29, 2003
Argh! I hate to leave for the weekend when I am not at a good stopping poing. The data I received from the shorebase today isn't correct. I did everything I could with it, but it wasn't I sent it back to them to make corrections. That was like half and hour ago! Where are you guys!?!? I wanted to at least get this step corrected BEFORE leaving today!

Oh well...

My parents had a wreck earlier today...they are fine, don't worry! The Excursion might be totalled, which I guess would be better than having it in the shop for weeks to come back and have issues for the rest of the time they own the vehicle. Some guy just ran a red light...and he must have been going very fast b/c he was in a little truck, like and S10 or Ranger or something and he hit my parents in the side, spun them around once or twice, pushed them across onto the divider, and put them up on one side before they bounced back down. Mother swears that she is fine. It hit on her side. In the rear door, though.

Also, my cousin who had the biopsy got the all clear today. The mass they saw on his kidney was just a cyst and the doctor said they rarely can turn into cancer. So, he is excited!!! And we're all relieved, too!

I am having problems accessing my server for some reason. I can post without a problem, but several times today I have tried to upload a couple of images and when I try to connect via my FTP program I get an error message. Oh well...I don't feel like worrying with it anymore. It's close enough to five o'clock, I think I'll go home!!