Okay..first I haven't seen Mars yet! Has anyone seen it!?!?!

Thursday, August 21, 2003
Second -

Yep, taking the day off!! We're going out of town tomorrow afternoon and were just going to take a half day, but decided to take the whole day and have a date night tonight!!! I think we're going to have a nice dinner out and catch a movie! So, I have short-timer's disease, in that I am ready to get out of the office and start my long weekend. Oh, I just realized, that means that I get two long weekends in a row b/c next weekend is also a three day weekend for Labor Day! Woohoo! We'll be gone that weekend, too...or rather part of that weekend.

We were pretty busy the first part of the day, before lunch...and I did go out for lunch today. But this afternoon things are slowing down a bit. I did a lot this morning b/c I wanted to make sure that I didn't leave anything hanging for me to do on Monday...and I have been working with a team on a project this is going to the test phase today, so all my part had to be complete before I left today as well. So, now that I have all that done, there is just menial stuff left for me to do before I get out of here at five!