Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Oh...don't move that way...

I am so sore this morning. Last night we played softball...okay, I haven't swung a bat since about the fourth grade. I didn't do too badly, though, but today my back is letting me know how long it had been!!! I hit about 80%, which I thought was impressive! We didn't really play a game. We had about nine people just hitting around and then hung out after it got too dark to play.

Oh, I am loving this cool weather we are having!!! As Texans, anything below 90 is considered cool and cause for celebration!! Last night I was actually very cold after we quit playing - it was wonderful! I hope it hangs on for a little while. I am not ready for the boiling temperatures to come back. It is a bit overcast today, though.

Okay...I am going to finish Harry Potter THIS WEEK!!! I haven't been able to read much, but I am getting into the really good stuff, so today that is how I plan to spend my lunch break!!!


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