It's Monday...

Sunday, August 17, 2003
WooHoo, we're going to see Pat Green at the Pavillion in September for the KILT Fall Fandango! An added bonus is that a friend from HS (we didn't go to the same HS, but met while we were in HS) and I have got in touch with one another recently.

We met about my 10th grade year and were friends, but didn't see one another often. The she went to College Station while I went to Waco for college - we saw each other very little during college, too...then she moved to Houston about the same time as me...but we still only saw one another about twice while she lived here. Now she is in Austin and is as big a Texas Country fan as we she is getting tickets for her and her boyfriend and they are going to come in for the weekend and go with us!!! I can't wait to see her. I think it has been over three years since I saw her. It was while I was at my old job, which I left September of 2000!!! So, I'm going to get to see Pat Green and an old friend at the same time!!! I have never seen Pat Green live before. There is going to be a lot of good Texas Country at this concert!

Weekend Update:
We had a very low-key weekend. It was good, though...Friday we were at Michael's parents' and Sunday we were at my parents' and somewhere in the middle on Saturday we went out to Jillian's to play Putt-Putt! During the day on Saturday we had lunch, but other than that just hung out with the puppies!!!

Week Preview
And our week is already full!!! Tonight we have dinner plans, tomorrow night we're going to a baseball game, Wednesday night we're having dinner for my Grannie's b'day, Thursday is basketball games (his brothers), and Friday we're heading out of town. Whew! And they say that kids keep your running all the time...we don't even have any yet! They might slow us down!!!! LOL!!