Grey skies...

Monday, August 18, 2003
It's cloudy outside my window today. We're going to see the Astros play tonight and I was hoping for good weather so that they would open the roof at Minute Maid. Oh well, if they leave it closed it will just be cooler!!

Michael and I had a great dinner with Elaine last night at Cafe Red Onion - one of Michael's new favorites now!! He hadn't ventured out much when it came to foods...don't get me wrong. He isn't a picky eater - when it comes to American food, but I like all kinds of foods (japanese being my favorite - sushi) and I have got him to try a few new things...and so far he has loved everything he has tried. I pointed this out to him last night when we left the restaurant! So now he has no excuse not to accompany me to the sushi bar!!!! It might become his favorite too...(doubtful, but you never know)!!