Do you have plans for lunch?

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
I have finished book five and now I don't know how to spend my lunch breaks anymore! I have only been getting to read during lunch lately...that's why it took me so long to finish. And then, I only got to read about thirty minutes b/c half the time was spent getting something to eat and usually having someone come in my office during lunch! When you see me with my head down over a book that means, "Please come talk to me!!" - no I am not being nasty. I enjoy conversating with co-workers, but when I am reading I don't like to be disturbed.

So, now I am at a loss!!! Does this mean that I have to start going out at lunch again??? What to do, What to do!?!? Not only that, but now I have to wait until 2005 to read book six, according to rumors anyway. The first four books came out much faster than that, but I guess that's how she got us hooked!! I know those of you who don't read Harry Potter don't get it, but I really enjoy these books. In the meantime, there is another book that I have been wanting to read. Maybe I'll finally buy it!

Tonight I am missing the H-Town happy hour b/c I already have dinner plans at my mother's. We used to go every Wednesday, but that kind of slowed down. Things were just getting too busy - so we made a bi-monthly thing - or rather a whenever we get the chance kind of thing!!

My site has been playing hide and seek the past couple of days, but I have been told that it isn't a big deal...and hopefully all is well, according to my host.