A bit o' randomness...

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
I don't like to drink coffee out of Styrofoam cups...or anything else to be honest!!! I remember when I was little and we would go somewhere that offered coffee in a styrofoam cup my mother would decline b/c she didn't like it. I never really understood b/c my mother was a big coffee drinker, as I have become. Now that I can appreciate (and need) coffee more, I realize why she would just rather not drink it than to drink it out of styrofoam. I can manage a coke out of it, but that's about it!!!! And they were useful when we were counting the numbers of glasses of water we were drinking in a day b/c we marked the outside of our cups with a sharpie every time we filled them up, but that is about the extent of their usefulness!!! (Randomness brought on b/c I filled a styrofoam cup with coffee, but couldn't drink it...so I poured it into my cup once I returned to my office!!!)

On another note, we were going to grill last night, but at the last minute decided to go out to eat and grab a couple movies: Just Married & Old School. We only had time to watch one last night, but tomorrow night we're babysitting for a friend and thought we might be able to watch Old School after the baby went to sleep (maybe)!! Just Married was hysterical...we kept saying, "That's us, me looking at the the art and you looking for a tv to watch sports on!!!" I am anxious to watch the other one, too. I was a big fan of SNL - Will Ferrell is hysterical!! We saw bits and pieces of the movie at Michael's cousins last week. They had it on while we were eating...so we decided it would be a good rental! I hope so...

About the baby-sitting gig! I'm keeping my friend's son, and while I think he is adorable, I hope I can keep him in a good mood!! He is pretty attached to his mother so when he starts to get tired I am afraid he is going to cry for her...and he'll be with me all night!! So, keep your fingers crossed for me...and for him!!!!! My sister kept him over a weekend and said he cried all the time, but that was a while back. He has grown since then and has been around a lot more kids lately, so I think he'll be better adjusted to being away from her.

Saturday after my visitor is picked up, Michael and I are going to Hempstead for the Hunting Extravaganza. There was one last weekend at the George R. Brown, but we were out of town. The whole family is coming out for this, I think - his, not mine! Apparently, it's like a big festival, not just vendors and such. You pay a cover and it is all you can eat/drink and you get entered for drawings and prizes. Sounds like fun!! Michael has co-workers (friends) who live out that way and after all this time I'm finally going to get to meet them. I have heard stories about Bobby and his wife forever and talked to them on the phone, but we have yet to meet. So, that's another reason I am anxious to go!

I think I'll go get myself another cup of coffee...and take my own cup with me this time!